Winter Parking Ban

The head of the UNH Wildcat sculpture with ears and nose covered with snow.


Under an agreement with the Facilities Division and the Student Government, the start of the '16-'17 has been conditionally postponed until the January 2-3, 2017 overnight. 

If there is a snow storm prior to January, the WPB will be engaged for one or more nights in order that the campus may be brought to readiness.

Otherwise, the full WPB will get underway starting Jan. 2-3, '17, and continue nightly until March 31, following the rules noted below:

The Winter Parking Ban (WPB) regulates seasonal after-midnight parking use.

When is it? 

The winter parking ban is enacted nightly from Dec. 1 to April 1.  If conditions warrant, the start and end date can be adjusted with public announcement.

How is parking affected? 

During the winter parking ban, parking is prohibited for any duration between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. in most campus parking areas, regardless of weather conditions.

Is after midnight parking allowed anywhere? 

Yes.  There are “exempt” lots and “weather conditional lots” where after-midnight parking is conditionally allowed.

  • EXEMPT LOTS (do not close, even if it snow):  General parking is allowed in The Sage Way Visitor Lot, West Edge Lot, Section 4 of Lot A are open to any users.  Additionally, Gables, Woodside, E/E1, Forest Park, and Mast Road I lots are exempt, but available only to permit holders assigned to those lots.  Hall Director, Emergency Service, and ADA/Accessible spaces are exempt but also require proper permitting.
  • WEATHER-CONDITIONAL LOTS (subject to close if snow removal operations are likely).  Lot B and the Mill Road Visitor Lot (fka Lot C) are conditionally available from midnight to 6 a.m.  Lot T and the faculty/section of Lot H are conditionally available until 2:15 a.m. only.  (Please note the Edgewood Road Visitor Lot (fka Main Street Visitor lot) adjacent to Lot H, is non-exempt and closes at midnight).

If one exempted area is full, you must find parking in an alternate exempted area.  The West Edge Lot typically has space available.

All other areas not listed as exempt or weather-conditional are non-exempt and not available.

In all cases, normal daytime regulations resume at 7 a.m.

Is there a bus to these exempted lots?  Yes.  The WPB Connector runs until 2 a.m. during the WPB months when classes are in session, providing a ride back from some of these more remote exempt areas. 

How can I determine if the Weather-Conditional lots are open or closed? 

Dial 862-1001 for a recorded status update; updates are official by noon.  Weather-conditional lots have status signs at the entrances indicating whether the lot is open or closed that night. Subscriber e-mail or social media will reinforce these announcements, but are not consistent.  It is the motorist’s responsibility to determine if the lot is open. 

What about my moped? 

All moped parking areas, including those in “exempt” lots, are closed to after-midnight parking. 

Why do we even need the Winter Parking Ban? 

The WPB is in place because of the potential for snowfall.  Snow can only be efficiently cleared from empty lots.  Snow removal crews work  after midnight.

Why do we need the WPB on nights that it’s not snowing? 

Keeping an active WPB eliminates the need to guess on the ban’s status, and takes into account the unpredictable aspect of New England weather. 

What happens to cars parked in non-exempted areas? 

Vehicles in violation are subject to a $75 WPB citation; during snow removal operations violators are subject to being towed and a citation.

Why does the ban start at midnight?  Why is it so strict? 

Snow removal needs to take place at night so the university can open as soon as possible the next day. Hence, ticketing begins at  midnight. 

What if I don’t go to school here? 

All motorists, including campus visitors, are subject to the enforcement of the WPB, and all parking regulations. Students and employees should advise guests accordingly. 

How do I get the correct information? 

Call 603-862-1010.

Please consult Article VIII Section 1 of the UNH Parking Regulations for specific policy.