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Services Available to Individual Faculty

Our goal is to meet your needs as you reconsider and (potentially) change your teaching practices to enhance learning in your classes. Our services are always individualized to meet specific needs. We can work with you to:

All of our services are confidential! See the policy. No records are maintained. The fact that services have been requested or provided is never revealed to anyone including chairs and deans, etc.


Contact the Center for an appointment — typically 1-2 hours to get started. Bring relevant materials — a syllabus, course evaluations, etc.


Together, we will decide what makes sense as the most effective and efficient strategy to achieve your goals. Typically "we" gather some information and meet approximately once every two weeks until "we" have accomplished your objectives. We will map out a plan both of us consider appropriate.


Class Visitation - typically a minimum of three classes need to be visited before any reliable and valid conclusions can be drawn. If appropriate, we will do this. These visits can be scheduled at your convenience. A feedback session is then used to provide you critical observations related to your class.

Mid-Semester Course Assessment — using either the UNH standard instrument or another survey instrument or approach geared to specific questions or issues.

Detailed Analysis of Student Reactions to Your Teaching — analysis of standardized data to reveal trends and issues.

Course Design Analysis and Assistance— a review of the design of one or more courses including its objectives, evaluation system, and other features that may warrant reconsideration. Frequently involve the faculty member considering the "best practices" scholarship in specific areas.

Participation in Specific Seminars or Workshops related to the faculty member’s goals.

Participation in Specific Graduate Courses in College Teaching — typically Summer Institute courses specifically relevant to the faculty member’s goals for seeking services.

Other — anything else we need to do in order to assist the faculty member meet his or her goals related to teaching.


Typically we meet with faculty weekdays between 8 — 4 during the academic year and by appointment during June, July or August. BUT alternative arrangements are possible to accommodate your schedule — evenings, for example.


Call (603) 862-0233 or email us for an appointment.

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