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Educational Programs at UNH

We offer a variety of educational programming on sexual violence, relationship abuse and stalking and getting consent, specifically for the UNH community. The goals of these programs are to build skills, increase knowledge, and ultimately change attitudes and beliefs that influence the behaviors of participants. There are a variety of time frames and delivery methods, and we can come to residential halls, classrooms, student organizations, and Greek chapters.

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Classroom programs offer SHARPP to connect with students about sexual violence prevention. 1 in 4 UNH women and 1 in 10 UNH men are impacted by issues of sexual violence on campus. The first step in prevention, is creating a space for students to discuss and examine these issues. Filling your cancelled class time gives SHARPP the opportunity to start these important conversations. Help us make UNH a better and safer campus and invite us to cover your class.

Fill out the form below and SHARPP staff will be in contact ASAP. Or you can call the Education and Outreach Coordinator and leave a message about your class at 603-862-6200.

Our programs...

  • Are created and presented by SHARPP staff and trained student volunteers
  • Are designed based on the needs of the audience
  • Can include lecture, discussion, videos, interactive activities and/or experiential learning
  • Generally run for 1 – 1.5 hours
  • Are available to the University of New Hampshire community only.
  • Can be tailored to the needs of the audience

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We require at least two-weeks notice to present a program. Our programs are only available to the UNH Community.
Additionally, we do not provide educational programming on Friday or Saturday nights.

If you have questions, please call (603) 862-3494.



Duration: 20 minutes

A brief overview of what SHARPP’s services are and how students, faculty, and staff can access SHARPP. Included in this brief presentation is an overview of sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking and what these issues look like on the UNH campus. This program would be best suited for a classroom or hall discussion since it can be triggering and it is intended to Inform participants about SHARPP and the confidential support that can be provided. This is not a comprehensive stand-alone program,  so it should be paired with a scheduled discussion.


Duration: 60 minutes

This program engages Wildcats about the importance of their role in helping to end sexual violence at UNH. YOU CAN HELP is about creating opportunities to explore beliefs and attitudes through respectful and open conversation. This program is about inspiring students to learn something new and take what they have learned to impact the community around them. Students become empowed  to help make UNH a safer community.

Wildcats Get Consent!

Duration: 60 minutes

This is our starter program that discusses sex and consent. It allows audience members to talk about sex and consent with a good balance of humor. Students will examine the current landscape of the issues on UNH’s campus and what this means for themselves and the community. The program also addresses the relationship between alcohol and other drugs with sexual violence.  

Male Victims of Sexual Violence:

Deconstructing Myths and Creating a Community of Healing

Duration: 90 minutes (can be expanded to 120 minutes upon request)

This program is divided into two parts; examining the myths and misconceptions of male victims of sexual assault and how do we create a community that is conducive to healing. It is an interactive program that combines group activities, videos, and current research to provide a space that allows people to ask questions and learn more about this often forgotten about population.

None of Your Business?

A Look at Relationship Abuse & the Role of Bystanders

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

What can one reasonably expect from a partner? Where is the line between love and abuse? What about the, “gray areas”. This interactive program includes discussion and activities that explore the warning signs of abuse, dynamics of abusive relationships, strategies for intervention and safety planning. Participants will examine ways to support a friend, and discuss key factors in healthy relationships.

Hookup with Confidence

Duration: 45 minutes (can also be molded into a lobby program)

This program highlights the importance of consent when, “hooking up”. Through work in small groups, participants will “design” a sexual encounter that includes consent and alcohol. Students will discuss how their self-designed scenario fits into UNH’s definition of consensual sex. The presenter(s) will highlight the prevalence of sexual violence at UNH and the resources that are available for students, staff, and faculty. This is a highly interactive program that is packed with laughter and exploration. 

Living in a Rape Culture

Duration: 80 minutes

This program defines, “rape culture” and looks at the ways people have adapted to living in a rape culture and how popular media and culture reinforce behaviors. Activities enable participants to examine what a rape culture is, and how this context affects daily lives of women and men differently. This program will use exercises and visuals to facilitate discussion about rape culture.

Sexual Harassment: What Crosses the Line?

Duration: 60 minutes

This program uses scenarios and discussions to clarify the concept of sexual harassment. After talking about what sexual harassment means, discovering the difference between flirting vs. hurting, participants discuss appropriate professional, educational, and social boundaries.

“Pin the Condom on Consent”

Duration: determined by requestor

This interactive and fun lobby program engages students as they come and go from their residence hall. Much like Pin the Tail on The Donkey, participants are blindfolded and asked to pin a condom on a consent board. The goal is to educate particants about the importance of receiving verbal consent. Prizes are awarded.

Street Harassment: What’s the Big Deal Anyways?

Duration: 60 minutes

A look at street harassment and its impact and role within a rape culture. With the use of videos, students will examine the harmful effects of sexual harassment on the streets. 

The Traveling Clothesline Project at UNH

The Traveling Clothesline Project

Duration: determined by requestor

A visual display of the Clothesline Project is set up in lobbies for students to view. The Clothesline Project is a display of t-shirts made by survivors of sexual assault and relationship abuse. Each t-shirt is anonymously made by former and current UNH community members who have chosen to share their story and spread awareness about the issues of sexual violence and relationship abuse.

Just the Basics

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

An interactive presentation of what is sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking. This program includes information and statistics about incidence here at UNH and the larger community. This program also includes campus resources for survivors and allies of survivors.

Design Your Own Program

Duration of this program is determined by requestor.

Don't see a topic or program that fits your needs? We can meet with you to discuss and design a program that is tailored to your audience and goals. We can also provide professional training for faculty/staff and debriefing sessions.

Please note that we may need more than two weeks to design a program.


This is a program that can be a part of your next music event and duration is determined by the requestor.

“1BlueString” is a campaign that asks guitarists to replace 1 of their 6 strings with a blue string to symbolize the 1 in 6 men who have survived childhood sexual abuse. SHARPP invites you to assist in sharing the message by requesting 1BlueString to attend your open mic night or coffee house. More information here.

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We require at least two-weeks notice to present a program. Our programs are only available to the UNH Community.
Additionally, we do not provide educational programming on Friday or Saturday nights.

If you have questions, please call (603) 862-3494.