Welcome to the University Instrumentation Center

The University Instrumentation Center is a University-wide core facility dedicated to the advancement of the research and academic missions of UNH and the surrounding research community.  The UIC is open and available to all Faculty, Staff, and Students as well as Non UNH academic entities, government, and industrial customers.


Lyra 3


Thanks to a Major Research Instrumentation award from the National Science Foundation, the UIC is housing a new Tescan Lyra FIB-SEM. This unit is currently installed in NB17 Parsons Hall. Please contact Nancy Cherim for submitting samples or signing up for training on the instrument.

Follow the Installation and the new UIC Imaging Core Construction

Click here to follow the installation and construction


New in Engineering Services

In an effort to stream line engineering services a new repair form has been created for logging in repair requests. Please click here to go to the new form.


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