Welcome to the University Instrumentation Center

Dr. Mark Townley and Student using the Tescan Lyra FIB SEM

The University Instrumentation Center (UIC) is a University-wide core facility dedicated to the advancement of the research and academic missions of UNH and the surrounding research community.  The UIC is open to all UNH faculty, students, and staff, non-UNH academic entities, governmental, and industrial clients.


October's Ultralow Freezer Symposium Presentations

On October 13, 2016, the UIC hosted a symposium to address the critical issues relating to the proper, safe, affordable, and environmentally responsible storage of biological and chemical samples using ultralow freezer technologies.  Click here to access the presentation slides from the panel of speakers, including presentations on architectural design considerations, remote monitoring, and freezer maintenance and repair.

Reservation and Billing software 

The UIC utilizes Idea Elan software for instrument reservations and invoicing which can be accessed using this link Idea Elan instead of previously used TimeCat.

Engineering Services 

For engineering service requests for instrument calibration, instrument repairs, and assistance, please click here to log your request.  


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