Financial Report FY12

Year Ended June 30, 2012

The University of New Hampshire is funded by a combination of public and private support. Its largest source of revenue is derived from tuition and fees. As the University looks ahead, maintaining affordability and access for all qualified students, restoring the level of revenues derived from sponsored grants and contracts, and creating a culture of philanthropy in order to build its endowment will be the dominant areas of focus that contribute to a sustainable, resourceful, and responsible University.

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For a detailed guide of how UNH earns, spends, manages, accounts for, and stewards its financial resources, download UNH Finance 101 (PDF).


I. FY12 Sources of Revenue $538.5 million

Due to a historic 47% cut in state appropriations, the University’s dependence on state support has dropped from 13.7% of total current funds revenue in 2008 to 6.6% in 2012. Also, as a result of this funding cut, all other funding sources increased as a percentage of total current fund revenue.

1. Tuition and Fees, net of Financial Aid
2. Other Sources, Primarily Auxiliaries
3. Sponsored Programs
4. State of N.H. General Appropriations
5. Gifts & Endowment Income
6. Federal Financial Aid

$186.2 million
$144.0 million
$143.8 million
$35.7 million
$12.4 million
$16.4 million



Current Fund Reveue pie chart


II. FY12 Expenditures $535.3 million

Personnel remains at just over 60% of expenses for UNH, down from nearly 62% in FY11. Fringe benefits have declined as a percentage of total expenses, from 17.1% in FY11 to 16.5% in FY12.

1. Personnel
2. Supplies and Services
3. Transfers
4. Utilities

$323.8 million
$148.6 million
$56.6 million
$6.2 million



Current Fund Expenditures


III. Enrollment (UNH Durham and Manchester)

Undergraduate enrollments are strong, graduate enrollments have decreased slightly since FY05 (primarily in professional programs), while continuing education enrollments continue to decline. Undergraduate enrollments are approaching full capacity. Enrollments in FY13 are expected to increase over FY12 enrollments.

 Financial Full Time Equivalent (FFTE) Student Enrollment

IV. Sponsored Projects Proposals and Awards

Grant proposal revenue reached an all-time high in FY10 with $616M, while grant award revenue hit the highest mark with $165M in FY11. This gives UNH hope heading into FY13 for an increase in Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost 
recovery revenue. FY11 and FY12 expenses reflect FY10–FY11 proposal and award increases. FY11 awards rose primarily due to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds, now ending.

 UNH Sponsored Projects, Proposals, Awards & Expenditures

V. Endowment Net Assets


 UNH Sponsored Projects, Proposals, Awards & Expenditures