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There are thousands of career guides available on the internet. Look for organizations and associations that are specific to the career you desire. Check trade publications and current research in your field for an idea of what people with your education are doing.

For help writing resumes or curriculum vitae, check with your campus' Career Services office. There are many resources available at local and university libraries and on the internet.

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Here is a partial listing of web sites that will help you target and attain the financial aid as you pursue a graduate education. Finding the right funding for graduate school takes a lot of research - we can help, but it's up to you to follow up on applications and information.

Make sure you fill out a FAFSA each year - some scholarship/fellowship programs require it!

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This is a partial listing of journals that publish undergraduate research. Please check the individual web pages for submission guidelines, calls for papers, etc. Getting your research published will help you in establishing your credentials as you apply to graduate school.

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The list of graduate schools which currently offer fee waivers and/or application incentives to McNair Fellows and low-income applicants is currently accessible by linking to:

Because the list is updated regularly, it is the most current source of information. Remember, if you are applying to any of these schools, or if you are applying to a school that is not included on the list, you should contact their admissions office and/or the department to which you are applying to find out what documents, if any, you will need to submit in order to obtain an application fee waiver.

Do not assume that you can send in an application with no check or explanation. This will result in your application being unprocessed and returned.

As always, if you have any questions regarding fee waivers, do not hesitate to contact the UNH McNair Office.

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