“This program has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only did I come back to the Philippines with a vast knowledge from different parts of the world, I also came back with a newfound passion and drive for the work I do. By far, this is the best experience I have had in any educational institution, both socially and academically.”

- Justin Alip '12
MIS Officer, Rimansi Organization for Asia and the Pacific


“The core of the program was the personalized attention we received in our applied field projects. This 14-month process gave us a valuable toolkit that meets the gold standard in project management, from design to evaluation methodologies. The Master of Arts in Community Development Policy and Practice has the best of both worlds, with both in-person and online instruction. During our sessions together in New Hampshire, we built personal relationships that made the online semesters more intimate and effective. We also gained a close network of friends that we will take with us as alumni."

- Lina Bowden
Volunteer Advisor, Pillar Nonprofit Network


“What makes the learning environment unique at this program is that most of the professors are field practitioners with decades of experience—combined with extensive academic credentials. Acceptance of diversity of thought in the classroom is nurturing and comforting for independent thinkers. In addition, the structure and duration of the program allow for flexibility to balance being a student and family responsibilities.”

- Lado Lodoka ‘12
Facilitator, Center for Preventing Hate


“The courses connectnot just in subject matter, but also in the pace and flow of information. They complement each other; it makes sense. The course instructors offer a great balance of academic and practical knowledge and experience. We are learning from people who have such a wealth of experience in development from the small nonprofit to the larger governmental agencies. I am also continually impressed by whom I find myself sitting side-by-side with in this program. A truly remarkable group of people, committed to bettering lives around the globe."

- Amy Cunningham ‘12
Discovery Program Coordinator, University of New Hampshire


“The Master of Arts in Community Development Policy and Practice program has been a wonderful experience for me after over twenty years of being away from a formal class setting. The design of the courses and the general structure of the degree program greatly motivated me to join. My supervisor was incredibly supportive, and I am already reaping professional and financial returns from my investment.”

- Samuel Albino ‘12
Volunteer, Catholic Charities Maine—Refugee Program


“For over seven years, I had been looking for a program that suited my need to become a generalist practitioner in the development sector. The integrated, holistic program helped me further my experience and career in real time—not only with my full-time job working in humanitarian and development settings in Somalia, but also with The African Future, a Somali relief NGO that I had co-founded several years prior and that was the focus of my applied project. The vast amount of knowledge and resources available within the Carsey Institute and its staff is invaluable.”

- Hibak Kalfan ‘12
County Director - Somalia, INTERNEWS
Co-Founder, The African Future


“Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly, producing a comfortable and respectful learning environment where we all feel free to share our experiences and opinions and learn from one another. I've been so pleased that, despite the vast differences in backgrounds and experiences, we all share in an ideal of how we'd like to affect the world.”  

- Elizabeth Dodson ‘12
National Business Development Manager, Green Box Top