2009 Photo Art Exhibit

19th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebratory Events

January 22, 2009
Strafford Room, Memorial Union Building

female prisoner
Photo By Julie Hamel

A Prison Nation: Unlocking the Stories
Prisons and Jails have become familiar fixtures in our communities, so much so that according to Angela Davis, we take them for granted and turn a blind eye to the larger issues behind penitentiaries and incarceration. Although the realities of life behind prison walls may be a mystery to some of us, we are bombarded with images of prison life in movies and on television; thus, our collective imagination has cast prisoners broadly as evil undesirables. By perceiving all prisoners as murderers and rapists, we further distance ourselves from the more nuanced reality of prisons by thinking about imprisonment as a fate reserved for the “other”.

With this photo exhibit, A Prison Nation: Unlocking the Stories, featuring the work of students from Chester College, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and The University of New Hampshire we consider the impact and effects of imprisonment from different angles: that of the people who are in prison or have been in the system.  The exhibit will, not only provide a glimpse of the overlying problems associated with this growth in incarceration rates, but will also illuminate the faces, voices, and stories behind the numbers.

Musical Prelude
University Welcome -- Wanda Mitchell, Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer
Overview and Introductions -- JerriAnne  Boggis

Kim Fowler, Parolee
Annette Escalante, Administrator Women’s Program (NHDC)
Holly Tate, student, New Hampshire Institute of Art
Food, Conversation, and Music


We offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who worked on this project, especially the women in our New Hampshire Prison Systems who so graciously shared their stories.

Collaborators – Chester College, New Hampshire Art Institute

Women Photographed
Elise Estes
Kim Fowler
Brandi Lockhart
Lisa Ricker
Jena Suma
Sheena Wilkinson
Tracey Woods

Zachary Huntress, Chester College
Sarah Izatt, Chester College
Ashley Beliveau, New Hampshire Institute of Art
Holly McCarthy, New Hampshire Institute of Art
Holly Tate, New Hampshire Institute of Art
Julie Hamel, University of New Hampshire
Kayleigh Lemieux, University of New Hampshire

Dawn Zitney
Holly Tate
JerriAnne Boggis

Melissa McDowell, Chester College
Edward Staple, Chester College
Beverly Conway, New Hampshire Institute of Art
Christine Palie, New Hampshire Institute of Art
Julee Holcombe, University of New Hampshire
Richard Haynes, University of New Hampshire

Program Coordinator – JerriAnne Boggis