Faculty and Advisors

Frank Rhiel Berlin

As faculty members, research mentors and academic advisors, we recognize the importance of your role in the global education of students at UNH.  We thank you for supporting the increasing numbers of undergraduates who choose to study abroad; please consider how students might best fit an international experience into their plan of study.

Request Classroom Presentation

CIEGE staff and study abroad returnees are happy to conduct classroom presentations about Study Abroad and the International Affairs dual major.  Please call 603-862-2398 or email study.abroad@unh.edu to schedule a visit. Advanced notice is appreciated so that we can accommodate your interests and schedule.

Study Abroad Course Planning Form

The Study Abroad Course Planning Form is an essential component to prior approval of transfer credit.  Students must meet with their academic advisor to discuss this form in detail.  Instructions for the advisor and student are clearly outlined at the beginning of the form.

Registration While Abroad

Students are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to departing for study abroad to map out their plan of study for the semester they return to UNH.  Each student will register via WebCat when in their host country; advisors must submit RAC numbers to their advisees via e-mail.  If the student cannot register via WebCat, then the advisor works to register the student on their behalf.

Faculty Development

If you are interested in developing a study abroad program, read this section for more information.