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NEW Cognates! 
It’s not a Minor. It’s not a Major.  It’s a Cognate!  What is a Cognate? Learn about them here

From the Discovery Classroom
The Discovery Program has teamed up with the Campus Journal.  Learn more!

Discovery Dialogue

Ideas for Good logoOur communities are faced with complex social and environmental challenges including poverty, climate change, access to clean water, healthcare, education, and more.  Learn how Ideas for Good: A Discovery Dialogue on Social Innovation seeks to engage the UNH community.
  • Cognates are now available
    NEW Cognates! It’s not a Minor. It’s not a Major. It’s a Cognate! A cognate is a coherent set of courses in a discipline or interdisciplinary grouping aimed at enhancing career-oriented skills in high demand in the employment market. A cognate will typically consist of 12 or more credits. Cognate in Technical Writing and Public Speaking and a Cognate in Information Technology are now available.
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    DISCOVERY FELLOWS INCO 620: A theory-to-practice seminar that explores democratic theory from a deliberative perspective, dialogue and small group facilitation, civic engagement, and social justice.
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    DISCOVERY FOUNDATION SKILLS: Inquiry courses prepare first-year students to succeed at the college level by helping them become active, independent thinkers who look at subjects and challenging problems from a number of viewpoints. All inquiry courses are small and involve experiential learning, e.g., learning by doing.