INC0 620: Discovery Fellows

INCO 620: Discovery Student Fellows -A theory-to-practice seminar that explores democratic theory from a deliberative perspective, dialogue and small group facilitation, civic engagement, and social justice. (


Discovery Foundation Skills: The Inquiry Course

Inquiry courses prepare first-year students to succeed at the college level by helping them become active, independent thinkers who look at subjects and challenging problems from a number of viewpoints. All inquiry courses are small and involve experiential learning, e.g., learning by doing.


Discovery in the Disciplines

Intellectual breadth fosters creative work within the disciplines and fruitful collaboration beyond them. This is a collective responsibility of those who teach and learn in the Discovery Program.

Welcome to the Discovery Program!


Integrating significant business expertise into an environmental engineering challenge distinguished Granite State Ventures to the judges, the students say. It also gave them real-world experience they might have missed had they not worked across disciplines.
Read about the project, the students, and their mentors - Discovery Committee member Barbaros Celikkol (ME/CEPS), and Discovery faculty Jeff Sohl (DS/PAUL) and Brad Kinsey (ME/CEPS), here. 

Reduce, Reuse, Peecycle! UNH Students "Urine Diversion" Program Cleans Water, Fertilizes Farms 

Environmental engineering majors Taylor Walter, Alyson Packhem, and Adam Carignan, and business major Liz McCrary, are educating their classmates to think beyond the flush.  (Also see NHPR article here.)

From the Discovery Classroom: The Discovery Program has teamed up with the Campus Journal.  Learn more!

Discovery Dialogue



Our communities are faced with complex social and environmental challenges including poverty, climate change, access to clean water, healthcare, education, and more.  Social Innovation seeks to address challenges by putting people and planet first, working across private, public, and non-profit sectors in an exchange of ideas and values, integrating private capital with public and charitable support. Increasingly, colleges and universities, including UNH, are offering programs on social innovation and/or social entrepreneurship. More and more businesses are being developed with a mission for public good.  What do you think?  Can Social Innovation create sustainable solutions? Can business be a powerful force for good? What is our role as current and future agents of change?  Ideas for Good: A Discovery Dialogue on Social Innovation looks forward to engaging the UNH community in conversation around these questions and more.

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