AT Lab adjustable monitor

Adjustable Monitors and Keyboards in the AT Lab

 AT Lab 01

Student Using Dragon Naturally Speaking, a speech-to-text program.


Students using the ZoomTwix


Student demonstrating ZoomText

ZoomText 2

Student Using ZoomText in the AT Lab


Accessible iPads

At programs

Come check out the programs such as Read & Write Gold, Dragon, MathTalk, and Scientific Notebook!

Reading in the Dimond Library

Reading in the Dimond Library

Scanning and Printing Station in the Library

Scanning and Printing Station in the Library

UNH supports Diversity

UNH Supports Diversity

Temple Grandin visits UNH

Temple Grandin visits UNH and speaks to a record crowd about "Growing up Different”.


The University of New Hampshire and Disability Services for Students take great pride in promoting the development of student self-reliance and the personal independence necessary to succeed in a university climate. We seek to create a comprehensively accessible environment where students are viewed on a basis of ability, not disability.

The University of New Hampshire believes that students have the right and also the responsibility to determine whether or not to use support services. In keeping with this objective, students are expected and encouraged to utilize the resources of Disability Services for Students to the degree they determine necessary.

We invite you to connect with us to learn first hand about the variety of options available to students with disabilities. If at any time you cannot access forms or pages on this site, and need to request an accessible format, please email, and we will provide you with the accessible format.

Contact Us: 603-862-2607 or Click Here for Staff Information.

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News & Announcements

  • DSS's new software system is finally here! Clockwork gives students the ability to request accommodation letters, schedule appointments with DSS staff, schedule exams, and much more! Just log on to by using your UNH username and password.

    It is strongly suggested that while on campus ALL users are on the UNH Wireless Secured network.

    If you have any problems, please call the UNH Help Desk; (603)-862-4242.

  • 2015 Study Abroad Fair - Thursday, February 5 from 11am-2pm in the MUB's Granite State Room

  • Looking for a job??  Check out the DSS Classifieds under the 'Students' tab 


Important Notice for Students

Dear Students-

Smith Hall recently suffered water damage when a sprinkler leak occurred.   As a result, the room used to proctor exams was greatly impacted.  The room is completely gutted and not usable.  UNH Facilities are doing their best to expedite reconstruction, however we are still looking at a 4-6 week window to project completion.  There will be substantial noise occurring during construction.

If you are a student requiring Assistive Technology in order to access your exam, please contact Katie Romero in DSS 603-862-2607 ASAP to make arrangements.

If you are a student who typically takes their exams in DSS and you do not require Assistive Technology, DSS strongly suggests you work with your instructors to find alternative arrangements immediately.

Look for updates on our Facebook page and Twitter account!


Kathy Berger; Director

Clockwork Main Page

Welcome Back Students and Welcome Clockwork!


Clockwork is a more efficient and user-friendly software system, where you will be able to use your UNH username and password to log in to make an appointment with a staff member, activate and view your accommodations, and schedule your exams online.  Clockwork is a complete scheduling and data management system designed to meet the specialized needs of DSS, the types of services provided, and the students served. Clockwork was implemented to streamline and simplify the processes in the DSS office for students and faculty. 

UPDATE: Students and Faculty can now view their letters in Clockwork! 

To Access the Secure Student Clockwork portal: 

  • It is strongly suggested that while on campus ALL users are on the UNH Wireless Secured network.

If you have any problems with the secure wireless, please call the UNH Service Desk; (603)-862-4242. 

Even though the paper letter is eliminated and replaced with an electronic version, students are responsible for the following: 

“You, as the student, are still responsible to meet with each instructor privately to discuss your approved accommodations. If your instructors feel any of the accommodations and/or services compromise the essential functions or requirements of the course, exam, assignment, internship, or other, the instructor may not be required to provide them. If you, as the student, dispute an instructor's decision, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the DSS staff for assistance in resolving the dispute. Accommodations are never designed to fundamentally alter expectation or standards in instructional level, content, or performance criteria.” 

There are 3 secure websites offered though Clockwork: 

Currently registered students:

Book an appointment with a DSS staff member, book an appointment to have DSS proctor an exam, and/or request & access accommodations.                                                                            


View student’s accommodation letters by course and upload exams that DSS is proctoring. Please remember that DSS is not the proctor site for all student exams.  The department cannot accommodate the number of requests that would occur.  Faculty are to proctor their own exams unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

Students who needs to initiate the registration process with DSS:

Students will complete the online registration form and upload disability documentation.  Students must have documentation of their disability in PDF format ready to upload in order to register. 

Again, to all the students who have reached out to DSS, been patient throughout the new process, and assisted DSS with working out the glitches, we sincerely thank you!  If you continue to experience any glitches when working with Clockwork, please do not hesitate to call the office at (603) 862-2607. If they are technical, you may want to first call the UNH Service Desk; (603) 862-4242.


Image of a dollar sign

Notetakers Needed!

If you are currently registered for courses and are interested in being PAID to be a Notetaker, please visit the following website: Please login with your UNH username and password and follow the step-by-step process to apply for this position. Please note that you must be prepared to upload a set of sample notes.

Notetakers are typically paid $100 for a 3-4 credit course and $50 for a 1-2 credit course. If a Notetaker works for only half the semester, she or he will only receive half of the stipend. Stipends will be issued at the end of the semester that that the services were provided.


For more information on becoming a Notetaker please visit: