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According to federal law, faculty must provide a student registered with DSS, who provides a letter specifying accommodations, those accommodations. They may not question whether the disability exists when DSS has authorized accommodations nor ask to examine the student's documentation. Faculty are encouraged to discuss with the DSS professional staff how most effectively to provide accommodations.


Important Message to All Faculty 

Dear UNH Faculty,

As the time for finals gets closer, we would like to remind you that if you have students registered with Disability Services with accommodations for extended test time or distraction free test settings, you will need to work with your department to make any necessary alternate arrangements. Disability Services has no proctoring space available in Smith Hall. It is able to provided limited space for those students requiring Assistive Technology. If you have a student who does require Assistive Technology, please contact Katie Romero in DSS at 603-862-2607 as soon as possible to make arrangements.

All students registered DSS have been alerted to contact their instructors to make alternate testing arrangements. Those requiring assistance technology have been told to contact Disability Services.

UNH College Associate Deans