Residential Dining Locations & Contacts

outside picture of Stillings Dining Hall

Stillings Dining Hall
Donna Kennedy

outside picture of Philbrook Dining Hall

Philbrook Dining Hall
Gretchen Metz
George Scangas

outside picture of Holloway Commons

Holloway Commons
Colette Lepkowski
Marcia Parma

Retail Locations

outside picture of Albert's


(603) 862-4228     

Joan Genna

outside picture of CornerStone 1926

CornerStone 1926  

(603) 862-7866

Jackie Liversidge

picture of the entrance to Philbrook Cafe

Philbrook Café
(603) 862-9332
Joan Genna (days)
Kayla Faist 

outside picture of the UNH Dairy Bar

UNH Dairy Bar

(603) 862-1006

Jane Calef

outside picture of the Union Court

Union Court

(603) 862-0768

Kathleen Allen

outside picture of the Wildcatessen


(603) 862-4373

Donna Aube (days)

Adam Sprague or

Michelle Gilzinger (nights)

outside picture of Dimond Library where Zeke's Cafe is located

Zeke's Café

(603) 862-4331

Tammie Burklund