Sarah Beaudoin

Sarah Beaudoin

Associate Director of IT for Advancement
Advancement Services


Elliott Alumni Center

Job Description

I work with colleagues throughout Advancement, and with IT, to analyze business processes and system capabilities.  My goal is to optimize business systems and processes, and to find solutions that enable everyone in Advancement to perform his or her job with the most efficiency, highest quality, and least frustration possible.


I spend a lot of time starting new hobbies, and I have the dusty scuba gear and rock climbing shoes to prove it. Hobbies that have stuck are reading, running, hiking, gardening, and snowboarding. I’ve recently started knitting, triathlons and Crossfi.

Favorite Part of the Job

I like that I have the opportunity to work with many different people at UNH, both in and outside of Advancement.
Type of Position: 
Professional, Administrative & Technical Staff (PAT)
Supervisor's Name: 
Erich Preisendorfer
Start Date at UNH: