University of New Hampshire
  • UNH volleyball team earns another academic award


    For the third straight year, the UNH volleyball team has been recognized for its off-court smarts. 

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  • UNH LunaCats robotics team at international competition in Hawaii


    The UNH robotics team—LunaCats—prowled around in the lunar-like sands of Hawaii during a space mining competition late last month, taking third place in two categories. 

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  • High schoolers at UNH for Project SMART


    What's large and latex and travels along the jet stream at speeds up to 130 mph? Find out here.

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  • UNH demographer Ken Johnson of The Carsey Institute


    UNH demographer Ken Johnson of The Carsey School of Public Policy sheds light on suburbia in this recent TIME magazine article about the rise of suburban poverty in the United States. 

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  • University of New Hampshire kinesiology professor Erik Swartz


    As the NFL preseason gets underway, players are benching their overbuilt facemasks in favor of safer models. Last month, the NFL banned non-standard facemasks due in part to the research findings of kinesiology professor Erik Swartz.

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