• Step by Step

    Athletic training major Amber Craft ’15 will present her research on measuring muscle fatigue at UNH’s annual Undergraduate Research Conference April 25.

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  • Timothy Marquis, Avery Normandin, Herbie Smith Goldwater Scholarship

    Goldwater Honors

    For the first time ever, three UNH students — all New Hampshire residents — won the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.

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  • Liz McCrary, Taylor Walter, Alyson Packhem ’14 with their nitrogen-rich urine senior capstone project

    Reduce, Reuse, Peecycle

    Business major Liz McCrary ’14 and environmental engineering students Taylor Walter ’14 and Alyson Packhem ’14 want students to donate their nitrogen-rich urine for their senior capstone project. Learn how they are exploring ways to divert urine from the wastewater treatment plant and use it for fertilizer.

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  • The UNH Women's Gymnastic team gets psyched for its meet.

    UNH Vaults to the Top!

    Emily Raftery '16 reports out on the winning UNH gymnastics team for UNH Tales.

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  • Two UNH journalism students looking at a camera

    Tools of the Trade

    Read how future journalists are learning to tell stories one frame at a time. 

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