SPARK 2017

In this issue, our widest-ranging yet, we highlight stories that leave the labs behind and take you to the farms, libraries, galleries and even courtrooms where innovation thrives.
  • SPARK 2017

    SPARK 2017

    Flip through the most recent issue of SPARK, UNH’s annual research review. Read More
  • Spark 17 - Jan Nisbet letter

    Welcome to SPARK

    Research conducted by University of New Hampshire faculty, students and staff transforms lives and inspires innovation. Previous editions of SPARK... Read More
  • Protecting Innovation

    Protecting Innovation

    The founder of the Franklin Pierce Law Center, now University of New Hampshire School of Law, Robert Rines held more than 100 patents on his own... Read More
  • Making History

    Making History

    Notable honors. Carefully researched volumes that have claimed the national spotlight. World-renowned scholars. These are just a few of the fruits of... Read More
  • Disability Data

    Disability Data

    This past November, 4,405,000 people with disabilities in the U.S. had jobs. That’s 300,000, or 4 percent, more people with disabilities who worked... Read More
  • UNH plant breeding

    Breeding Success

    In 1951, the "New Hampshire Midget" watermelon, developed at UNH by Albert F. Yeager, then head of the university’s horticulture department, won a... Read More
  • David Finkelhor

    Keeping Kids Safe

    It’s a Friday afternoon in early December, and David Finkelhor, director of the Crimes against Children Research Center (CCRC) at UNH, is having a... Read More
  • UNH campus aerial

    Taking Research to Market

    A new National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded initiative aims to foster entrepreneurship on campus and help take UNH-developed innovations from the... Read More
  • Manchester

    Regenerating Tissue, Revitalizing Industry

    In December, UNH was tapped to play a leading role in a major national public-private institute that aims to launch an industry, headquartered in New... Read More
  • Elena Long

    Forging a Path for LGBT Physicists

    Elena Long, a postdoctoral researcher in UNH’s physics department, made news twice in the final months of 2016. First, the Department of Energy’s... Read More
  • UNH faculty honors

    Faculty Honors

    Top of page: Carnegie Fellow Ken Johnson, professor of sociology Above, top to bottom: CAREER award winners John Gibson, associate professor of... Read More
  • Creative Works - UNH

    Recent Creative Works

    SOLO ART EXHIBITS Grant Drumheller, professor of artNew Paintings Prince Street Gallery · New York, N.Y. · December 2016 Sachiko Akiyama, assistant... Read More
  • Project O.A.S.I.S.

    Engineering an Oasis

    Growing up in India, Sid Nigam ’16 saw plenty of food insecurity and malnutrition. At UNH, the mechanical engineering student channeled a passion for... Read More
  • Space Science at UNH

    Research on the Edge: Space Science

    The first data from NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale mission (MMS), launched in 2015 with nearly half of its scientific instruments coordinated or... Read More
  • UNH Marine Science

    Research on the Edge: Marine Science

    In June, UNH added the R/V Gulf Surveyor, a 48-foot aluminum vessel with the capability to deploy sophisticated multi-beam echo sounders, to its... Read More
  • Living Longer, Living Stronger

    Living Longer, Living Stronger

    Summer Cook (right)
    At the heart of exercise scientist Summer Cook’s research lies a deceptively simple question: What... Read More
  • Nancy Targett

    A Closing Inquiry

    Provost Nancy Targett (above) became UNH’s senior academic administrator in fall 2016. A member of the University of Delaware faculty since 1984, she... Read More
SPARK 2017

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