The Places They'll Go 2021

Seniors share their future
  • Whitney O’Connell ’21

    A Sense of Purpose

    Traditionally, the stories featured in UNH Today’s “The Places They’ll Go” are all about where new graduates are headed. Not so for Whitney O’Connell... Read More
  • Student in forest

    Seeing the Forest for the Trees

    Jonathan Swett ’21 embarks on the next stage of his career in the U.S. Forest Service through their prestigious pathways program. Read More
  • Travis Fischer

    Researching His Future

    Travis Fischer ’21 is into research. Specifically, research into diseases like cancer. He wants to help stop them from devastating people’s lives by... Read More

    A Quantum Leap

    Tan Dao ’21 has been accepted into Harvard University’s doctoral program in physics, consistently ranked among the best in the world. Read More
  • Elizabeth Kipp ’21 outside

    Making It Work

    As a nontraditional UNH student, Elizabeth Kipp ’21 took 16 credits a semester her sophomore and junior years so she could finish her undergraduate... Read More
  • Virginia Walsh ’21 sitting inside plane

    True To Form

    When Virginia Walsh ’21 recently went to get some of her paintings framed for an upcoming exhibition, the art store employee couldn’t help but notice... Read More

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