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  • Computer with work on it, courtesy Canva.com

    Call for Wildcat Projects

    A new marketplace of short-term projects for students and recent alumni.
  • UNH Gate in front of Thompson Hall

    Skill Building During COVID-19

    COVID-19 doesn't have to spell the end of your summer career goals and professional development! Free online tools, a new Summer Career Academy, and more from Career and Professional Success.
  • students at the ECenter during the hackathon

    Hacking to Learn

    Even though she’s a computer science major, Mallorie Biron ’20 had never participated in a 24-hour hackathon. But when she signed on for this year’s (the third) Hack NH, she found out that majors don...
  • group of students in front of Single Digits sign

    On the Road to Professional Success

    A bus trip to area employers gets students’ career searches pointing in the right direction.
  • Student and employer speaking at Biotech Career Fair

    Building Professional Success | Fall 2018

    Highlights from a selection of Career and Professional Success events held throughout the fall semester.
  • student and employer shake hands at the fall 2017 Career and Internship Fair

    Fall(ing) in with Career and Professional Success

    Students and employers attend fall Career and Professional Success events in record numbers.
  • Gina Occhipinti ’18 reports via UNH Snapchat from the Philippines

    On Location: The Philippines

    Gina Occhipinti ’18 takes over Snapchat to bring viewers along for her Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Laguna, Philippines.
  • Audrey Getman ’19 shares her summer studies in Greece via UNH Snapchat

    Live from Greece

    From the Temple of the Oracle to classes in Athens, Audrey Getman ’19 takes over Snapchat to bring viewers along for her summer studies in Greece. 
  • New Hampshire Sea Grant undergraduate and graduate students take over the “uofnh” Snapchat account

    On the Water’s Edge

    Undergraduate and graduate students take over the “uofnh” Snapchat account to share their ongoing summer research on spawning horseshoe crabs.
  • Taylor Lindsay ’19 takes over the UofNH Snapchat account

    Environmental Interactions

    On her Snapchat takeover, Taylor Lindsay ’19 talks about her work in the UNH Ecohydrology Lab and the organization of this year’s Solarfest.
  • Drew Halpin ’19 takes over the UofNH Snapchat account


    During his Snapchat takeover, music education major Drew Halpin ’19 takes us through his music-filled day and ends with UNH color guard practice.
  • Sean Hickey takes over UNH's Snapchat

    Investing with Rines

    Finance and accounting major Sean Hickey ’19 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat and shares his day as a member of the Rines Angel Investment Fund.
  • Abbey McIntosh ’19 takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    Make Today So Awesome that Yesterday Gets Jealous

    Abbey McIntosh ’19 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account, talks about her internship with #UNHSocial and takes us to a drawing class.
  • Student State Rep

    Student State Rep

    N.H. state rep. Amelia Keane ’17 shares her day as a student at UNH Manchester, shows us the state house and takes us behind the scenes at the URC.
  • Brian Thibodeau ’17 takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    Communication Calling

    Communication major Brian Thibodeau ’17 talks about working at the Phonathon and attends UNH's first Philanthropy Day during his Snapchat takeover.
  • Madison Ferreri ’19 takes over UNH's Snapchat

    Model UN Takes NYC

    Madison Ferreri ’19 and other members of UNH's Model UN team share their trip to the National Model UN Conference in New York City.
  • Isabelle Hegland ’19 takes over UNH's Snapchat

    An Ear for Opera

    Isabelle Hegland ’19 talks about being a vocal performance student and an RA and gives an inside look at the UNH Opera Workshop during her takeover.
  • Liliana Daly ’17 takes over the UofNH Snapchat account

    At the Center of Stoke

    On her Snapchat takeover, Liliana Daly ’17 shares her day as a student, assistant hall director of Stoke and volunteer at the Echo Thrift Shop.
  • Carrington Cazeau takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    MUB Work Perks

    Carrington Cazeau ’17 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account for the day and shows what it’s like working at the MUB.
  • Saege Robinson ’18 takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    Dancing ‘Til Dawn

    During her Snapchat takeover, Saege Robinson ’18 shares what it’s like to be a member of the UNH Dance Company.
  • UNH student Alana Davidson takes over the UNH Snapchat account


    Alana Davidson ’17 talks about nutrition and the Swipe It Forward program during her Snapchat takeover.
  • UNH students on an alternative break challenge take over UNH's Snapchat

    Volunteering with New Friends

    UNH students share their Alternative Spring Break Challenge trip volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Abby Koczera ’17 takes over UNH's Snapchat

    Girls and Tech

    On her “uofnh” Snapchat takeover, Abby Koczera ’17 takes us behind the scenes at the N.H. Girls Technology Day event held at the UNH.
  • Sydney Phelps takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    It’s Part of My Culture

    Sydney Phelps ’17 shows what OMSA is all about, takes us to MOSAICO’s Carnaval event and talks about why diversity is important to our campus.
  • Trevon Bryant ’18 takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    A Passion for Helping Youth

    Trevon Bryant ’18 shows what it’s like to play football at UNH and talks about why he chose to major in human development and family studies.
  • Kate Haslett takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    Joking Around

    Kate Haslett ’18 shares her day as a civil engineering student, division I hockey player and jokester during her Snapchat takeover.
  • Samantha Barrett takes over the UNH snapchat account

    Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Samantha Barrett ’18 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account and talks about studying Russian, being an RA in Stoke Hall and why she chose UNH.
  • Eden Suoth takes over the UNH Snapchat account

    It’s Because of UNH

    Eden Suoth ’18 shares his day on campus and then heads to Boston in the evening to speak at an alumni event during his Snapchat takeover.
  • Paul College DIgital Marketing Symposium

    Digital Marketing Symposium Highlights Changes to Industry

    The Digital Marketing Symposium recently hosted by the Paul College department of marketing brought an interesting mix of industry experts to campus to speak about topics in digital marketing. Here...
  • Allison Bellucci takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    I Found My Family Here at UNH

    Allison Bellucci ’17 gives an in-depth look at UNH’s aerial dance program and the student newspaper, The New Hampshire.
  • Nicki Moody takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    Good Times in Gibbs

    During her Snapchat takeover, Nicki Moody ’18 gives an inside look at the life of a nursing major and talks about being an RA in Gibbs.
  • Callie Ierardi takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    Get Creative with CAB

    English teaching major Callie Ierardi ’17 takes over the “uofnh” Snapchat account and talks about being involved with CAB and UNH CATS.
  • Charlotte Harris takes over UNH's Snapchat account for a trip to Portland, ME

    Hop on the Train to Portland

    Find out just how easy it is to take a day trip to Portland, Maine, with Charlotte Harris ’18 during her Snapchat takeover.
  • UNH President Mark Huddleston receiving a ceremonial check for the university from the class of 1966

    A Record-Setting Gift

    In celebration of their 50th reunion, members of the class of 1966 went above and beyond for their alma mater. At their Golden Wildcat Lunch during Reunion Weekend on Saturday, June 4, the class...
  • Kate Aiken takes over UNH's Snapchat account

    Quality Time in Paul

    Kate Aiken ’19 shows what it’s like being a business major at UNH and stops by the E-Center during her Snapchat takeover.
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