Matthew Troisi '22

Matthew Troisi '22's Articles

  • Ely Marciano '21

    Prizewinning Dreams

    Before Ely Marciano’s last semester on campus, the graduating senior claimed a first by becoming the only student in the College of Liberal Arts to win the Maurice Prize for Innovation.
  • Gordon Unzen '21

    A Future in Criminal Justice

    A desire to better understand how people think led Gordon Unzen ’21 to major in psychology. He added philosophy after taking social and political philosophy, and then justice studies when he realized...
  • Sophie Calderwood '22

    Hey COVID: The Show Went On

    How a theatre major adapted to virtual performing.
  • Mary Kate Munley '21

    Researching the Sea

    First there was walking the beach with her mother, crabbing with her father, and falling in love with the sea. Then carrying that love through high school, into her college career. From there, Mary...
  • Amy Ramage outside of Hewitt Hall

    COVID and the Brain

    In the early days of COVID-19, as people were trying to filter the onslaught of information and what it meant to them, Amy Ramage was focused on their brains. Or more specifically, the brains of...
  • From Farm-to-Fork to Hunger

    From Farm-to-Fork to Hunger

    Alexandra Papadakis ’21 has long been interested in food. When she started at UNH, she thought that interest would take her in the direction of how it’s grown, harvested, marketed, consumed— that...
  • Kabria Baumgartner

    Posing the Big Questions

     A path to teaching perspective.
  • Carlton Robie '20

    Red Sox And Mariners Internships Big Hit With Paul Senior

    It’s the end of February. Heading toward spring. Meaning commencement is not far from sight. Many seniors are likely wondering what they’ll be doing come May, where they’ll be working or, if they’ve...
  • Erin Linhares ’20

    National Guard Medic and Student

    Erin Linhares '20 took a year off from UNH to become an aerospace medic with the Air National Guard. She is still graduating on time.