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  • Pamela Kallmerten

    The Full Cycle

    “Nursing is both an art and a science,” declares Pamela Kallmerten, program director of the online clinical nurse leader and evidence-based nursing programs at UNH. The science of her nursing career...
  • The Advocate

    The Advocate

    Executive Director Michael Constance has invested his heart and soul in New Hampshire’s Camp Allen. Founded in 1931, the camp’s mission is to provide a safe, affordable outdoor experience for people...
  • Lolita Brown

    Aiming High

    “Although education provided the tools to accomplish my professional goals, my greatest satisfaction lies in achieving something far beyond what I thought possible,” says Lolita Brown ’23G. “I always...
  • Closing the Gap

    Closing the Gap

    A conversation with Leanne Ryder ’23G quickly reveals her purposeful desire to enhance the quality of life for historically disinvested communities by improving their economic opportunities.
  • Myriam Narcisse

    'Mama HAGN'

    “Most Haitians understand that education is the ticket to a good future. As a schoolgirl I would joyously rifle through my new textbooks to enjoy the intoxicating scent of knowledge. Learning is my...
  • Juliet Webber

    An Evolving Space

    Juliet Webber ’23G epitomizes patience and perseverance in her work in higher education. As the director of UNH Professional Development and Training, she has carefully built a skillset to support...
  • Carolyn Arcand

    Embrace the Future

    “How can we build better support for our communities to thrive at an individual and collective level?” asks Carolyn Arcand, program director of the master of public administration (MPA) online...
  • Call to Action

    Call to Action

    Faced with deep social injustice, some hear a clarion call to action. Alioune Sidi Mzeirigue ’22G, a self-described member of the Hratine former slave community in the Sahel region of Africa,...
  • Jolan Rivera

    Citizen of the World

    “I live my life according to my personal values. My choices will never bring me great wealth or power but I am happy to be living my vocation.” Those are the words of Jolan Rivera, who has been...
  • Image of Ariel Roche

    The Darkest Moments

    A Chicago native with 14 years of nursing experience, Ariel Roche is a first-generation college graduate. With the same fortitude of a nurse relative who became a female admiral in the U.S.
  • Image of student at front of class with US News Baged

    UNH Online M.Ed. Ranked Among Best in New England

    The University of New Hampshire’s online master’s in educational studies program is top ranked in New Hampshire and rates among the best in New England, according to the 2023 U.S. News & World...
  • Innovation is the center of online teaching at UNH

    Innovation is the center of online teaching at UNH

    Ask people to describe “innovation” and their responses conjure up images of rare genius or a ground-breaking new standard. While these impressions ring true, innovation can also be found in the...
  • Image of Briana White

    Finding The Grace

    A dizzying but impressive visual, Briana White’s dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and professional nursing credibility is reflected by the many acronymic nursing certification letters that...
  • Image of Darius Love

    Igniting the Spark

    The bright beacon of service is a calling card for Darius Love with his dual passions of neuroscience nursing and nurturing leadership in others.
  • Image of student with faculty mentors

    A Powerful Team

    A convergence of expertise, commitment and experience, the online UNH Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Scholarly Project is the catalyst for creating a powerful team of professionals. Developing and...
  • A photo of, from left, Pamela Kallmerten, Emily Stewart, and Mary Flanagan

    Serving Today's Seniors

    The UNH nursing department has an excellent history of faculty and graduate students collaborating on quality improvement projects through research and application.
  • Image of student on laptop with US News Badge

    UNH Online M.Ed. Program Top Ranked in New Hampshire by U.S. News

    The University of New Hampshire’s online master’s in education program is top ranked in New Hampshire and one of the best in New England according to the 2022 U.S.
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