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The College Letter, the newsletter of the College of Liberal Arts's Articles

  • group photo of nine student ambassadors outside academic building

    Ready to Fly

    Graduating COLA seniors look back on lessons learned and forward to bright futures.
  • 3 photos: Andy Coville '82, Natalie Jacobson '65, Katie Bouton '96

    Imagining Your Journey with a Liberal Arts Degree

    Distinguished alumni visit liberal arts classes to talk careers.
  • artifact of dog being photographed

    From Digging to Digital

    Preserving artifacts from the past with 3-D technology.
  • students and leader holding awards

    Charting a Sustainable Future

    UNH’s Model UN team wins awards, gains hands-on experience at Galapagos Islands conference.
  • students working in media lab

    Inside the CMN Media Lab

    A new media lab amplifies three-dimensional communication.
  • photo of Tejas Moses

    From Dirt to Pots

    Tejas Moses creates Japanese-inspired pottery the traditional and sustainable way.
  • photo of Karen Van Gundy, Cesar Rebellon, and Ellen Cohn.

    Risky Business

    New NSF grant examines the role of emotions in adolescent rule breaking.
  • photo of Matthew Cheney

    The Art of Fiction in Times of Crisis

    Matthew Cheney, a Dissertation Year Fellow, explores how conflict influences literature.
  • headshot of Andrew Ware

    The Thinker

    Meet Andrew Ware, a guy who likes to ponder the big issues.
  • photo of Josh Lauer


    Josh Lauer demystifies the history of the credit bureaus in America.
  • photo of children and Bethany Silva in center

    The Community Literacy Center

    A new resource for students and educators.
  • photos of 6 faculty members

    Welcoming New Faculty

    Meet the newest members of the faculty in the College of Liberal Arts.
  • photo of Hamilton Smith Hall

    The Transformation of Hamilton Smith Hall

    Bridging history with 21st century learning.
  • UNH jazz students in Italy

    Arts Across the Globe

    UNH music and dance students performed around the globe this summer.
  • photo of David Sharkey

    In Honor of His Grandmother

    David Sharkey's next stop is a high shool in Madrid, Spain.David Sharkey was in an inner-city Italian middle school teaching English in the spring of 2016 when he found himself making the sort of...
  • photo of Hannah Vagos

    Answering the Siren Song

    Hannah Vagos '17 is teaching at the UNH ESL Institute before heading to Madrid, Spain, to teach this fall.
  • photo of Jordan Mrvos

    Minding the Gap

    Jordan Mrvos '17 turned an internship into a full-time job.
  • students at table presenting their work

    How Now Wildcats

    In Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” Duke Orsino famously says, “If music be the food of love, play on.” It’s a sentiment that could be applied to a collaboration between two English department classes...
  • photo of Paul Pouliot, Denise Pouliot and Grace Dietz

    Indigenous New Hampshire

    When it comes to telling the stories of indigenous people in New Hampshire, the “official” history — found on historical site markers, in textbooks and on public murals, among other places — only...
  • students manning registration table at HYPE
  • students working in COLA 401 course

    Intro to Your Future

    When Jennifer Drohan ’20 began her first semester at UNH last fall, she was ready to study anything and everything. The only problem, she says, was choosing one subject to focus on.
  • James Farrell and David Kaye at networking event

    Sparking Solutions

    Many efforts within the College of Liberal Arts are addressing the pressing problems of our time.
  • photo of Kei Saito

    Juvenile Justice?

    Though well-intentioned, the laws targeting sex offenders have done little to achieve the intended effect of making children safer, according to sociology graduate student Kei Saito.
  • students acting

    Time Traveling with Cinderella

    On a Tuesday afternoon at Dover Middle School, dinosaurs roamed the auditorium. 
  • photo of Joshua Meyrowitz teaching

    In the Final Analysis

    Joshua Meyrowitz teaches students mass media savvy.
  • Megan Duranko '17 and Professor Sergios Charntikov discuss research data

    Stressed Out and Vulnerable

    Megan Duranko '17 and professor Sergios Charntikov discuss research data.
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