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  • A photo of a chipmunk poised on a log in a forest. Chipmunks help disperse fungal spores.

    Helping a Forest to Grow: Spreading Fungal Spores by Wind Vs. Small Mammals

    An interdisciplinary team of UNH researchers recently shared their findings into how wind and small mammals—eastern chipmunks, southern red-backed voles and woodland jumping mice—help disperse fungi...
  • Albion Hodgdon's discovered documents

    Herbarium Gets in Touch With Its Roots

    A treasure trove of long-forgotten documents from Albion Hodgdon, one of UNH’s most influential professors and scientists, has been discovered.
  • High-frequency water quality sensor

    Going With The Flow

    Climate change is expected to cause more droughts and stronger storms, and a new UNH study suggests that as these precipitation extremes grow more common the effect on water quality may be hard to...
  • UNH Professor Chris Neefus talks to his students about mushrooms.

    Mushroom Madness

    Say what you will about 2021, but the year is shaping up to be phenomenal for mushrooms.
  • Julia Squillace's Winning URC Poster 

    COLSA Awards Outstanding Work at 2021 URC

    For the first time in the 30-year history of the UNH Undergraduate Research Conference, the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture has recognized 10 students with monetary awards totaling $3,000. ...
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