Monday, September 24, 2018

The University of New Hampshire at Manchester has expanded its academic options to include three new, interdisciplinary minors. The new minors in Corporate Security, Forensic Accounting and Terrorism Studies were developed for students to gain specialized skills in these evolving fields. Each minor consists of five courses (20 credits).

Corporate Security

Housed under the Homeland Security program, the Corporate Security minor introduces students to the business and strategies common to modem corporate security, from safeguarding the workforce to securing physical and digital assets. This minor develops skills in managing, directing and overseeing all facets of a corporate security program, which are central to careers in private sector security, law enforcement, emergency management, information technology, business and more.

Forensic Accounting

Designed for students with an interest in business or homeland security, the Forensic Accounting minor explores the detection and prevention of fraudulent activity in a variety of business, governmental and legal venues. Students in this minor learn the skills and techniques to examine, discover and report money laundering, white-collar crime and other forms of fraud. While it does not prepare students to pursue the Certified Public Accountant exam, the Forensic Accounting minor prepares students for careers in investigative and litigation support to accounting firms, banks, police departments, government agencies and more.

Terrorism Studies

Fusing principles from homeland security, global studies, political science and history, the Terrorism Studies minor gives students a holistic view of the subject of terrorism. It examines our relations with the international community, and the policies put in place to address common goals of security, economic stability and human rights. Students will learn about global and domestic politics and of the origins, ideologies and goals of terrorist groups, strengthening their understanding of foreign policy. From Russia’s conflict with Chechen rebels to Al Qaeda and Boko Haram in Middle Eastern and African countries, students will explore the international, political, ideological and cultural issues that shape this dangerous phenomenon.


If these minors pique your interest, learn more about our Homeland Security program