Thursday, January 26, 2017

The University of New Hampshire at Manchester welcomes Laurie Shaffer as Lecturer of American Sign Language/English Interpreting.

An active practitioner of ASL/English interpreting for 26 years, Shaffer previously served as interpreter for the University of Virginia. Shaffer has been an educator in the field throughout her career, having taught in post-secondary classrooms and in professional development venues providing workshops and seminars on various topics. She’s designed several mentoring programs with colleagues, including the Peer Mentoring Model and Mentoring for Educational Interpreters, a program that was showcased in 2014 as a chapter in “Mentorship in sign language interpreting.”

Shaffer holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from Hamilton College and an M.S. in Education of the Deaf from Syracuse University. She is a doctoral candidate of Interpreting Studies at Gallaudet University where she is currently working on her dissertation, which examines the influence of social institutional forces on the work of interpreters in the medical environment.