Town of Newington Stormwater Site Plan Regulations

Update of Town of Newington Stormwater Site Plan Regulations (2009)

In early 2009 the UNHSC was contracted by the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership to strengthen the town of Newington’s local regulations to incorporate up-to-date stormwater management controls. The goal of the project was to develop site plan regulations that provided the Planning Board with the regulatory tools needed to mitigate the impacts of stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces in Newington’s commercial and industrial zones and provide a framework to require Low Impact Development approaches that will directly benefit water quality in the Piscataqua River and the Great Bay estuary. The regulations addressed both new development and redevelopment of properties that require site plan approval from the planning board. The regulations were drafted and passed by a unanimous vote in December, 2009 and represent some of the most comprehensive stormwater protections in the state.

The town of Durham NH recently updated and passed new Stormwater Site Plan Regulations in July 2010. Using the original Newington template and benefitting from the expertise of the Town Engineer David Cedarholm in addition to a sub-committee of experienced muncipal officials the Durham regulations represent the most up-to-date specifications.

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