2019 STEM Educators Summit Workshops

Morning Workshops:

Are You Serving Dessert or the Main Course? More about Project-Based Learning 

Carmela Amato-Wierda and Frances Meffen

Grades targeted: K-12

Come dive into project-based learning (PBL) and bring ideas back to your classroom. Teachers will practice the essential design elements of PBL in this workshop with challenges that originate from emerging technologies in science and technology e.g. nanomedicine, sustainability, alternative energy.   Project-based learning (PBL) engages students in authentic real-world inquiry that crosswalks with the NGSS and science practices. Through PBL students develop deeper learning and apply STEM content knowledge. The leaders of this workshop have designed and implemented a new course for teachers in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at UNH, TECH 820: Emerging Technologies and Project-Based Learning for Teachers. 

Laptop needed? Nice, but not required

Exploring Nature with Young Children

Mary Goodyear and Judy Silverberg

Grades targeted: preK-2

Growing Up WILD:  Exploring Nature with Young Children and Project Learning Tree's Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood are supplementary educational programs for young learners designed to connect children ages 3 -7 with nature and wildlife.  Participants will sample activities from both programs that foster critical early childhood skill development and tap into children's sense of wonder about nature and the wildlife around them. Integrate art, music, science, reading, math and more in nature-base activities.  



Laptop needed? No

Green Chemistry in the Classroom

Sarah Prescott

Grades targeted: 7-12

Come learn about the principles and practice of Green Chemistry along with a demonstration of an activity that you can adapt/adopt for your physical science, general science, or chemistry course. No prior knowledge of Green Chemistry needed. No special equipment needed.

Laptop needed? Nice, but not required                     

Introduction to Arduino Microcontrollers

Scott Goelzer, Joanne Goelzer

Grades targeted: 3-12

This workshop is intended for teachers who have seen and heard the hype about micro-controllers and are curious try one out. During the workshop, we will explore what micro-controllers are and what they can do. Participants will wire some basic circuits using the Sparkfun Inventors Kit and program the Arduino using a laptop. There will be discussion of how the Arduino can fit into the STEM classroom experience. No electronics experience is expected. Please download and install the free software from the website below before the workshop. Note that this is not a make and take; the kits will be on loan for the day.


Laptop needed? Yes

"Journeys in Film" Brings Science and Math to the Classroom

Barry Rock and Mike Handwork      

Grades targeted: 6-12

The "Journeys in Film" project brings feature films and documentaries (Hidden Figures, River of Gold, One Strange Rock, and many others) and curriculum-based, educational support activities to your classroom. This workshop focuses on the soon to be released documentary "River of Gold" which highlights tropical deforestation and illegal gold mining activities in the Peruvian jungles of the Amazon Basin. Participants will be shown film clips (the Trailer) from the movie and learn how to use Google Earth Pro to monitor and quantify the areas of mining using multi-date Earth-orbiting satellite data and an area-measuring tool to document the areas of forest lost between 2008 and 2017. This workshop will allow your students to do authentic hands-on science and mathematics used by NASA scientists to address a wide range of biological, social and environmental issues associated with tropical deforestation and illegal gold mining in the Madre de Dios region of Peru.           


Laptop needed? Yes

Math meets science in the K-4 classroom with Elementary GLOBE

Haley Wicklein, Jennifer Bourgeault

Grades targeted: K-4

Experience how elementary students can utilize math skills while learning science concepts. In this workshop, we will explore a variety of Elementary GLOBE hands-on science activities that feature math concepts, such as estimating and measuring, comparing objects, and making simple bar graphs.  All activities are correlated to NGSS and CCSS Math Content Standards.


Laptop needed? No

Afternoon Workshops:

Actively Engaged in Word Problems

Brandie Bolduc          

Grades targeted? PreK-5

This workshop with help identify math embedded in active, student-centered STEM. We will explore math word problems and the many ways we can engage learners in more meaningful work. To support our learning, bring a math word problem and/or a STEM activity you are currently using.

Laptop needed? Nice, but not required

Bringing the Engineering Design Process to Your Classroom with Project Based Learning

Brooks Payette, Connor Burton & Madison Wood   

Grades targeted: 4-6

The goal of this workshop is to provide educators with the experience and knowledge to bring low cost project-based activities to their classroom that focus on the Engineering Design Process and follow Next Generation Science Standards. The workshop is facilitated by the UNH STEMbassadors program, which strives to inspire the next generation of students, serve as role models and deliver hands-on STEM experiences to thousands of students each year. Participants will run through one of our activities and then be given our Student Activity handouts, Teacher’s Edition facilitator sheets and materials to run additional activities in their classrooms that follow a similar format.


Laptop needed? No

Hands-on Experiments with Machine Learning

Karen Jin

Grades targeted: 6-12

Participants will work on some simple experiments that make it easy to start exploring machine learning through pictures, drawings, music, and more.  No prior programming experience required.

Laptop needed? Yes


Making Sense of the World Through Observation and Measurement: Analyzing & 

Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions

Jennifer Bourgeault, Haley Wicklein

Grades targeted: K-12

Learn a simple but powerful strategy from the Right Question Institute to teach students to ask their own questions and build off their peers' questions. You will experience the question formulation technique, get implementation ideas for your classroom, and tips on effective prompts. This critical thinking skill can be used not just in STEM, but across the curriculum.         

Laptop needed? No

UNH Science Sleuths: Creative Science for Pre-K and Kindergarten Students           

Lauren Kordonowy

Grades targeted: preK-2

This workshop will describe a successful science outreach program targeted at pre-K and early elementary-aged students. UNH Science Sleuths has been providing free creative science education for this early childhood age group at UNH for four years. This program allows UNH graduate students to teach scientific concepts across many fields in a creative context encouraging young children to be inquisitive scientists. Our 45-minute programing sessions are specifically designed to provide hands-on science and to inspire children to increase their scientific understanding in a fun and creative environment.


PreK-2 Laptop needed? Nice, but not required