Patricia Walsh

Patricia Walsh
Phone: 603-862-1997
Office: 303A Thompson Hall

Program Coordinator
Engagement and Faculty Development


Patricia Walsh, M.Ed., provides intergal leadership in program coordination, data collection and management, and overall office communication and operations for nationally recognized Faculty Development Programs at UNH. As a New Hampshire native with a masters degree in educational studies, Patty is Program Coordinator in Engagement and Faculty Development.  She collaborates with departments across the University on the training lifecycle.  She helps ensure that UNH faculty have access to the resources they need to build rewarding careers.

Patty’s career started in community bank marketing. She led public relations events that engaged 94% of bank’s employees as donors and hands-on contributors.  Patty also implemented the marketing arm of the bank’s primary account-acquisition strategy. High Performance Checking resulted in such consistent growth that the bank was gobbled up by Sovereign Bank, now Santander.

Patty continued her marketing and public relations work at Good Samaritan Medical Center where she was charged with bringing the center’s intellectual resources out into the community.  She produced educational sessions that featured medical personnel sharing expertise on concussions, heart disease, and obesity.  She also produced Grand Rounds for physician development on topics such as dying with dignity and opioid strategy in the emergency room.

In 2012 Patty joined UNH in the department of Executive Development Programs at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.  She led training operations, bringing “just in time” business school concepts to companies and individuals through custom and open enrollment programs.  She worked with faculty on course deliverables, conceived marketing campaigns, provided sales support and client relations, and then coordinated the training sessions on- and off-campus.  Patty was recognized for outstanding collaboration by client, BAE Systems, becoming the first external recipient of the company’s annual ES Finance Award.

Patty has three children and lives with her husband in Dover.