Schedule a MAP: Fall 2023

Please complete a separate form for each course or section for which you want to have a MAP completed. We will make available an anonymous online MAP form (via Qualtrics) for your course at the scheduled date you provide in the form below.

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Click on the pop-up calendar icon to select the date when your MAP will be available to your students. If you cannot access the calendar icon, please try another browser.  
Suggested MAP dates are provided in the tables below.

FALL 2023 Manchester | Durham | CPS Online

Session Duration First Day Last Day Suggested MAP Dates
Semester in the City 15 weeks Aug 28 Dec 11 Early October
Full Term 15 weeks Aug 28 Dec 11 Early October
Term 1 8 weeks Aug 28 Oct 20 Mid-September
Term 2 8 weeks Oct 30 Dec 22 Mid-November

FALL 2023 Law School

Session Duration First Day Last Day Suggested MAP dates
Law 17 weeks Aug 21 Dec15 Mid-October
Law (Hybrid) 17 weeks Aug 16 Dec 15 Mid-October
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