Indigenous Time Management

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm



You are warmly invited to join Yakama scholar Dr. Michelle M. Jacob as she brings her kind, fierce, and creative approach to academic time management in this webinar! Michelle lovingly engages her Indigenous cultural teachings to lead you through a fun process inviting your deep engagement with three learning outcomes:

1. Comparing different models and philosophies of time management;

2. Inquiring which time management models best nurture and support you in diverse activities and seasons of your life;

3. Considering which communities, beings, places, and activities help you clarify and advance your vision.

To accomplish these fabulous outcomes, Dr. Jacob shares lessons from Yakama storytelling traditions, including:

a) Learning how to be “Smart as a Log”;

b) Engaging the distinction between being “in time” vs. “on time”;

c) Celebrating failure as a generous teacher.

Your participation in this webinar will be a fabulous opportunity to consider and learn from Indigenous methods of teaching and learning. Everyone who lives, works, and studies on Indigenous homelands will carry a lesson with them they can use in their wonderful lives. Centering Indigenous teachings is an important part of justice-based education practice. Join us!

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