For Prospective Graduate Scholars


Applicants must

  • Be a US citizen, national or permanent resident alien;
  • Have a degree (or equivalent course work) in a STEM discipline (note that a degree in mathematics education is not sufficient); 
  • Be accepted to or enrolled in the UNH Graduate Degree Program in Teacher Certification (Master of Education or Master of Arts in Teaching) with plans to teach secondary or middle school mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, or earth science; and
  • Have an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and a GPA in math, science and technology courses no lower than 2.75.

Application and Selection Process

  • Apply to a UNH Graduate Program in Teacher Certification in the Education Department (Master of Education or Master of Arts in Teaching) –  (see Graduate School for general graduate school application) – you must be accepted into one of the graduate programs in education.
  • Apply to the UNH Noyce Scholarship Program 
  • Noyce Applicant Review Criteria:
    • Grade point average, especially grades in STEM major and education courses.
    • Well written personal statement that displays passion for STEM discipline and teaching, a disposition to care for students, willingness to take initiative, and understanding of the characteristics of a good teacher.
    • Letters of recommendation depict STEM ability, responsibility, reliability, leadership, previous success when working with children or youth, good communication skills, intellectual curiosity, and willingness to use criticism to improve.
    • Successful experience working with children or youth  as demonstrated in Education 500 "Exploring Teaching" or an equivalent experience.  Also success in working with teaching colleagues.
    • Financial need and/or underrepresented status of the applicant in STEM education.

Questions?  Email Prof. Dawn Meredith