Noyce Scholarship Requirements

The Noyce scholarships are forgiveable loans.  If Noyce scholars complete the requirements detailed below, their loans are cancelled.  If a scholar fails to complete a requirement, they will be required to repay the loan.


Academic Requirements of the Program

  • For Noyce scholars at all levels:
    • Participate in the evaluation of the UNH CREST Noyce program until all requirements of the program are met, including interviews regarding their growth and capacity as teachers,
  • For undergraduate Noyce scholars:
    • Maintain  an overall GPA of 3.0 and a GPA in math, science and technology courses of 2.75 or higher
    • Engage in a semester of tutoring in mathematics or sciences for each year of support during the bachelor’s degree program
    • Attend all UNH Noyce workshops (3-5 a year)
    • Be accepted to a Graduate Degree Program in Teacher Certification (Master of Education or Master of Arts in Teaching) in the Department of Education at University of New Hampshire
  • For graduate Noyce scholars:
    • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 in credentialled courses
    • Attend all UNH Noyce workshops (3-5 a year)
    • Be placed in an high-needs school district for your graduate teaching internship (Dover, Somersworth, Noble, Manchester or Nashua)
  • For Noyce scholars after graduation:
    • Participate in a mentoring program during your first induction year as a teacher,
    • Maintian communication with the UNH Noyce program coordinators while at UNH and after graduation for up to 8 years in order to ascertain fulfillment of service requirements.


Service Requirement of the Program

  • Meet the service requirement of completing two (2) years of teaching in a high needs public school district anywhere in the United States for every year of support I receive as a NOYCE Scholar within eight (8) years of graduation.  The time spent as a teaching intern does NOT count toward the service requirement.  From the Noyce program:  A high needs school is defined in section 201 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1021) means a local educational agency (for example, a school district) that serves an elementary or secondary school located in an area which is characterized by at least one of the following: a) high percentage of individuals from families with incomes below the poverty line; b) high percentage of secondary school teachers not teaching in the content area in which they were trained toteach; or c) high teacher turnover rate.