Phase 6: Implementation Plan / Sell to the Sponsor

  • Complete milestone tasks to transition
  • Establish delivery timeframes
  • Assign ownership to accomplish tasks
  • Develop Communication Plan

Once the future state design is complete, a plan for implementation needs to be developed to ensure that the improvements are executed and the benefits realized as well as the project teams sell to the sponsor.  

It is also important that, once a process has been improved, an initial baseline performance level be established.  This is vital for continual measurement to determine how well the improved process is meeting expectations.


The implementation plan identifies everything that needs to happen in order to implement the future state. It includes final delivery timeframes, milestones, and key tasks necessary to ensure success.

The sell to the sponsor pulls together in a story format all the information captured, explored and analyzed during the project to be presented with the end goal of approval from the sponsor to implement the recommended changes.  


The resources needed to complete the items of the plan are identified, and accountability is established. The start, duration, and end dates of each item are clearly stated.

For the sell presentation, it provides an end to end overview of why and why the team is proposing the recommended changes.  


Implemenation Considerations:

  • Who will be affected by the change?
  • How can the change be implemented?
  • Outline what resources will be needed to execute (i.e. people, money, equipment, information, etc.)

Develop an action/implementation plan, focusing on:

  • Training needs
  • Internal communication
  • Customer communication
  • Transition plan
  • Documenting the process
  • Technology requirements, if needed
  • Measurement systems
  • Job description changes

Components of the Sell:

  • Identify Team Members
  • Problem Statement
  • Current Landscape
  • Review current state process map
  • Recommendations for change
  • Review recommended future state map
  • Implementation Plan
  • Critical Factors for Success
  • Closeout

Articulate a story for the sponsor and 'sell' the new process change; receive Sponsor approval to proceed with implementation