Navigate Nutrition Around Campus

May 18, 2017

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Navigate Nutrition Around Campus
Photo Courtesy: UNH Dining

A Resource to Eat Well on Campus


We are very fortunate to have an award-winning dining program here at UNH. Not only is it their focus to make food that tastes amazing, but to also offer foods that are good for you too.

On the UNH Dining webpage there is a section focused on nutrition and resources offered around campus to promote health. One of these resources is Wellness Meals.

  • Wellness Meals is a guide to help students and staff create delicious and nutritious meals using ingredients that are available everyday
  • It offers ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for the dining halls, Wildcatessen, Union Court, and The Dairy Bar
  • Some examples of the meals include; Apple Granola Bites, Delicious Oatmeal, Tofu Scramble, Pasta Primavera, Microwave Apple Crisp, Asian Vegetable with Chicken Stir fry and many more!

If you’re looking for a couple new things to try at the Dining Hall or have some extra Dining Dollars to spend, check out some of these delicious recipes!


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