What Comes to Mind When You Hear People Say: “I’m a Vegetarian”?

November 19, 2015

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What Comes to Mind When You Hear People Say: “I’m a Vegetarian”?
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It is time to learn the truth about being a vegetarian, and it is time to understand all of the health benefits that come along with being a vegetarian.

This is the perfect time to consider how becoming a vegetarian could positively impact your health.  Many adults have had the same eating habits for a long time, and it can hard to keep an open mind and try new things.

The question that I pose to you is: Would you be open to becoming a vegetarian if you knew how much your health could improve?

Brown University defines a vegetarian as “a person who does not eat meat, poultry, and fish. Vegetarians eat mainly fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, and nuts. Many vegetarians eat eggs and/or dairy products but avoid hidden animal products such as beef and chicken stocks, lard, and gelatin.” If you are already not a big meat eater, this would be a easy transition for you, and you would still be able to eat so many delicious and healthy foods as a vegetarian.

There are many different reasons regarding why someone chooses to become a vegetarian. A person may have love and compassion for animals, or he or she may just want to improve their own personal health. Regardless of the reason, there are many health benefits that come along with becoming a vegetarian. Some of these benefits include:

  • A reduced risk of developing heart disease;
  • Lower risk of developing diabetes and hypertension; and
  • Lower risk of developing many types of cancer such as breast and colon cancer.

The Physicians Committee website examined that “large studies in England and Germany have shown that vegetarians are about 40% less likely to develop cancer compared to meat-eaters.”

Contrary to popular belief, vegetarians can easily get proper nutrients and meet their nutrient needs. Although meat products contain more protein per serving, you can still get a sufficient amount of protein through plant-based products such as lentils, soybeans, tofu, beans, nuts, and seeds.

In the United States meat has become such an integral part of the American diet, but I challenge you to look passed this norm. Even just trying to limit meat intake, and increase vegetable intake can improve your health. Try something new and see how you feel! 

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