Eating Clean

April 12, 2013

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Written By: 


Carlos Porto

There has always been a ton of focus put on different
mainstream diets. Everything from Atkins and Southbeach to paleo and being a
vegan are attempted by people worldwide. While I was scrolling through my
twitter the other day killing time, I noticed someone posted something about
this new thing called "Eating
." Since I have never heard of this before, I was intrigued and
decided to figure out what eating clean was. Eating clean promotes itself as
being more of a lifestyle change rather than a diet. Basically, it promotes foods
that are bodies are naturally supposed to eat like nuts, seeds, organic lean
meats, fresh fruits and veggies and fats and discourages eating processed
foods. Have you ever heard that saying, "stick to the perimeter of the
grocery store," well this lifestyle change does just that. Huffington
breaks it down into five easy steps if eating clean is something that
interests you, I know I'll be checking it out! 

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