Rest Yourself

Tests, quizzes, group projects, work, financial issues, social life, and fitting in the gym…..when does it all end? If any of these situations sounds familiar (which most of them probably do for every college student), then you have a great deal of stress factors. The unfortunate thing is that stress doesn’t end once you leave college, only the specific causes do. This may seem like negative news, but it doesn’t have to be. Stress is a normal part of everyday life. Your body actually needs some levels of stress in order to function optimally. However, the problem arises when people do not know how to manage their stress.

Managing stress is especially important for college students when there are many more stress factors added into your life. College life is known to be stressful and is mixed with anxiety, anticipation, and many different emotions.  Too much stress can lead to a negative impact on your overall health. It can influence your immune system and cause sickness and fatigue, or take away from other things that make you healthy such as eating right and exercising. Additionally, stress can have a negative impact on your academics…and isn’t that why you’re in this stressful situation in the first place? There are studies that prove a variety of stress factors can impact your GPA.

In order to stay on top of things, it is essential to find the right ways to combat these types of stressful situations, in college and after. There are many different forms of stress management, but one especially important method is rest. Whether it is the rest you get at night, during a nap, or even the break you take, it is essential to take a rest. Work places give you breaks for a reason; take that time to get your mind away from work. In school, you are responsible for you own study schedule-give yourself breaks. If you have a long night or day in the library, break it up. Every few hours get up for a few minutes; take your mind out of the books. If it’s nice outside, spend just a few minutes in the sun to feel happier or if you don’t want to head outside, even just take a couple minutes to walk around the library. Another idea during a rest is to take a coffee, tea, or snack break, get some healthy food in you to take your mind off your studying or stress and fuel you for what’s left of your study session.  Be sure to take breaks when you need them, but also be sure not to let them turn into distractions or procrastination because that will just lead to more stress!