Lundholm Gymnasium

Lundholm Gymnasium
Lundholm Gym with crowd

With a capacity of 2,500, Lundholm Gym is a great location for athletic and health and wellness activities as well as large scale events such as trade shows, concerts, and more! Bleacher seating is available and located on both sides of the court.


Square Footage
18,193 Sq. Ft.

161 x 113 (full floor, no bleachers)

  • 2 side bleachers, open floor: 3,000
  • 1 side bleacher and floor: 2,500
  • Floor seating: 2,250

Request Information

Getting Here

124 Main St.
Durham, NH 03824
United States


  • Public Address
  • Wireless microphone made available upon request.
  • House sound system (best used if stage is on East Side of the gym facing West)