International Experience

All students who declare the Dual Major in EcoGastronomy spend a semester abroad, most likely during their junior year.

Enjoy a fall, spring, or summer semester in Ascoli Piceno, Italy* where students will study:

  • Links between food cultures
  • Sustainably-focused agriculture
  • Policies and issues impacting the food system
  • And more!

EcoGastronomy Study Abroad is open to all UNH students through the UNH-in-Italy Program.  The program is through COLSA, but all UNH students are welcome to apply!  Additional information can be found here.

Ascoli Piceno, Italy

“A beautiful medieval city in the province of the Marches, Ascoli Piceno is an unspoiled provincial capital, enjoying much of the cultural richness and vibrancy of larger cities, while preserving the charm and authenticity of a medieval city off the usual tourist itinerary. It is a piece of the real Italy that few foreigners ever see, and provides participants with an authentic Italian experience, while still keeping them well connected to national and European transportation networks.”

Experiential Nature

Ascoli Piceno, Italy - main square











While on this journey of studying abroad in Italy, the experience involves more than what you would just find in a typical classroom.  Through field trips around the city of Ascoli Piceno and the country of Italy, you’ll be immersed in the nature and culture of each region.  Learning and experiencing first-hand how others live, interact… and eat will be something to never forget.


7 different courses offered centered around culinary traditions, agriculture, and the larger food system, such as NUTR 530- Critical Analysis in Food Studies.  Two elementary level Italian courses are also offered.  Course offerings include fulfilling multiple discovery requirements, including the World Cultures requirements just by being abroad!  All of these courses are UNH courses—no need to worry about the transferring of those credits.


The cost of the semester-long program is comparable to the average cost on the UNH campus for a typical student.  Scholarships and financial aid are also available.  Since this experience in Ascoli, Piceno is a UNH-managed program, no third-party entities will be involved while dealing with the cost of this experience.


*students with a compelling academic reason can petition to study in an alternate location.