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December 10, 2014
Dining hall with students

Plan a summer business conference

The snow has been piling up fast and furious, so it’s a perfect time to start thinking summer. More specifically, it’s time to start thinking summer conferences, and thinking about them on the University of New Hampshire campus in Durham, NH. UNH Conferences and Catering has been planning and managing summer conferences for more than 25 years, so needless to say, the expertise, experience and level of professionalism among our staff are significant. So is it time to plan your summer conference?

NH meeting venues

We offer modern meeting and recreational facilities (more on those in a sec), more than 3,000 residence hall beds, and world-class UNH chefs who will dazzle you with their kitchen wizardry (and yes, we’re totally comfortable playing them up with wizard chatter because they back it up every time). That’s just the start of what we offer.

We also offer a key element to a successful summer conference that is often overlooked – though never by UNH Conferences and Catering – the fun.

Plan a fun conference

See, the key to a successful summer conference experience is more than ensuring the environment is conducive to productivity. It’s about making all your attendees comfortable in an alternative setting. Ensuring a fun conference experience will put everyone at ease, and when people are relaxed they’ll contribute more. It will also make your conference more memorable, making it a highlight and something to look forward to in the future.

Not just all that, but by adding fun elements to your summer conference, you’re nurturing a sense of camaraderie and trust among your attendees. Fun doesn’t just happen by itself, though.

No, you’ve got to create the proper setting and offer the right activities so people are comfortable “breaking out.” That’s where we come in.

Rather than have people wandering hallways aimlessly or being glued to their mobile devices during a meeting break, we can direct them to our dairy bar for an ice cream or a frappe. Or why not get some exercise and play basketball or volleyball in the Hamel Recreation Center?

If it’s a gorgeous day, something not uncommon here on New Hampshire’s seacoast, there are plenty of beautiful hiking trails, ponds, and yes, beaches. Lobster bake, anyone? Make your conference fun!

Contact a conference planner in NH

We could go on and on ... go ahead, dare us … but we’d prefer to talk with you in person, so reach out to one of our summer conference professionals here in Durham, NH, and we’ll get the conversation – and the fun – started.

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