Top 10 Reasons to Become a URC Faculty Mentor


1. Nearly 96 percent of students say presenting at the URC had a positive impact on their academic experience at UNH.

2. More than 95 percent of faculty mentors gain personal satisfaction from working with their URC students.

3. Eighty-seven percent of student participants find out about the URC from their faculty mentors.

4. You'll support one of the nation's largest URCs.

5. You'll be in good company - over 55 percent (329) of full-time UNH faculty mentor student participants.

6. Presenting at the URC is a natural extension of a class project or senior thesis, and more than 90 disciplines are represented by UNH students participating in the URC.

7. It's the experience that counts - presenting original research in a professional setting improves students' confidence in their abilities.

8. Nearly 84 percent of students indicated faculty mentoring with their research had a positive impact on their academic experience.

9. You'll help your students sharpen the organizational and presentation skills that employers, graduate schools, and other endeavors demand.

10. URC student presenters value a unique bond with their faculty mentors. In addition to mutual respect and the sharing of original knowledge, students witness firsthand the enthusiasm and passion so many UNH faculty possess. Share your passion. Mentor a student for the URC.

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