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Poster Guidelines: Creating and Printing a Poster

Poster Printing Resources and Pricing

The Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) provides both easels and poster boards for the following events:

  • Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium: Recommended poster sizes of 32" X 40" or 36" X 48"; posters not to exceed 36" X 48".
  • Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium (specifications): POSTERS SHOULD NOT MEASURE LARGER THAN 36" X 48".
  • COLSA URC (specifications): POSTERS SHOULD MEASURE EITHER 36" X 44" OR 36" X 48".


Poster Presentation

Research Poster Tutorial

This tutorial is a helpful 10-chapter guide to creating an eye-catching and informative research poster, with an overview on all aspects of the production process.


The resources below are provided to help with poster creation and design:

Sample Posters