About Student Senate

Session XXXVI

Student Senate is the VOICE of the Student Body. Student Senate strives to represent the opinion of the students to the University faculty, staff and administration, as well as the University community and State Legislature. Student Senate believes that ALL students have a right to participate in University decisions and policy-making.

If you are interested in Student Senate, stop by our office in the MUB or contact our executive officer at student.senate@unh.edu.


Student Senate meets every Sunday at 6 p.m. in Paul College Room 165 (unless otherwise stated).


Executive Board

The Student Senate Executive Board consists of the Student Body President, Vice President and their council chairs and officers, as well as the Student Body Trustee, Senate Speaker, and Senate administrative officers. For more detailed information about the composition and duties of the Executive Board, please access the most up-to-date version of the Student Senate Constitution and Bylaws.

To contact any member of the Student Senate Executive Board, please visit our Executive Board contact list.

Student Senators

There are over 50 Student Senators fighting for changes to occur on the University campus. Senators argue in the best interests of his or her constituents and without them change at UNH would likely be slow at best. Find out who your senator is by visiting our Senator List.

Are you interested in joining Student Senate?
It’s easy! Just ask yourself these questions…

Do you live in a residence hall/facility (including Gables and Woodsides!)?
If so, you need to have a Hall Contract signed in order to be a representative for your constituency. These are located in the Student Senate office in an organizer marked “Forms” and it needs to be signed by your Hall Director or Hall Council President.
Are you a Non Resident?

A Nonresident is a student who attends UNH but does not live on campus (dorm or residence hall), such as a Commuter or a Greek resident. In the Student Senate office, in an organizer marked "Forms," there is a Nonresident Petition which must be signed and given to the Executive Officer. (P.S. If you live in Durham you are eligible to be a Nonresident Senator, so long as you do not live on campus!)

Once you have completed your respective form, bring it with you to a Senate meeting, every Sunday in Paul College Room 165 at 6pm, where you will be added as a new Senator. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Executive Officer at student.senate@unh.edu.