Applying for a New Hampshire Driver's License

Driving Schools Operating in NH

Information has been provided by
The State of New Hampshire Department of safety
Division of Motor Vehicles.
James H. Hayes Safety Building
10 Hazen Drive, Concord, N.H. 03305
(603) 271-2371
TDD Access: Relay NH 1-800-735-2964

Richard M. Flynn, Commissioner of Safety
Virginia Beecher, Director of Motor Vehicles


Applicant status requirements:

  • Visa for attending a learning institute, or
  • Visa for employment, or
  • Visa including spouse or dependent(s) of the above.

Home country or out-of-state driver license status requirements:

  • Valid home country driver license or proof of completion of an approved driver education course, and
  • Copy of driving record/history from home country, or
  • Documentation from home country showing driver license is not under suspension, or
  • Documentation that a driver license was not held in the home country, or
  • Proof that you have held a U.S. out of state driver license for longer than two years.
  • Your home country driver license or International Driving Permit is not acceptable for this requirement.

Temporary residence purpose requirements:

  • Valid I-20 form, or
  • Valid Optional Practical Training card, and
  • Letter from your employer stating the term of your employment, or
  • Letter from the learning institution or employer stating that the applicant is a spouse.

Temporary residence status requirements:

  • Valid Visa and I-94 card.
  • Social Security Number identification card if you are employed.

Temporary residence location requirements:

  • Valid vehicle registration with current address, current gas, electric bill or letter from the learning institution or employer in the applicant's name.

If you do not have proof of previous vehicle operation, a valid home country driver license or valid U.S. driver license, you will be required to complete an approved driver education course.

You must bring the required documents to the Department of Safety Division of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles at 23 Hazen Drive in concord when you apply for a New Hampshire driver license. You must first submit all the required documents to the Non-U.S. Citizen Driver License Office and upon approval of the documents you may go to the Bureau of Driver Licensing to apply for a driver license. You may apply for a driver license only at the Concord office.


Commercial Driving Schools Operating in New Hampshire

The State of New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles maintains a comprehensive list of commercial driving schools operating in the state. It is available at:



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