Noyce Summer Fellowships




  • Freshman or sophomore standing
  • Interested in working with middle school or high school students
  • Thinking about a career in teaching

Summer Fellowships allow freshmen and sophomores to explore teaching through work with middle school and high school students who are interested in mathematics and science. The Noyce Summer Fellowship Program is a collaboration with ongoing summer programs, including: Project SMART, Tech Camp and Upward Bound.

The summer experience includes: training prior to the start of the summer program, full participation in the program as a teaching assistant or camp counselor, reflection on the experiences (including weekly meetings with other summer fellowship participants), closing/follow-up session.

Application and Selection Process

  • Apply to the UNH Noyce Summer Fellowship Program by downloading and printing the application found here (download Summer Fellowship application [pdf]). Don't forget to choose which program you would like to work in.
  • Application due date is March 1st.
  • You will be contacted in late March or early April with more details if you have been selected for a scholarship.

Frequently Asked questions about the Noyce Summer Fellowship:

Q: Does applying mean that I’ll be accepted?

A: No.  Each collaborating program will be accepting their own students, but the Noyce program staff will work with summer program directors to choose high quality applicants for the Noyce Summer Fellowship.


Q: Does participation in the Noyce Summer Fellowship mean I have to choose a career in teaching?

A: No. At the end of the summer you may decide that teaching is not for you. We hope, however, that the fellowship experience helps you decide that teaching is just what you’ve been looking for. Even then, you have no additional responsibilities after the Summer Fellowship de-briefing session.


Q: Does participation in the Noyce Summer Fellowship Program let me into the Noyce academic year Scholarship Program?

A: No. There are different eligibility requirements for the Noyce Scholarship Program (click here to see). You will need to complete an entirely new application.  We hope that you do, because you’re clearly the type of student we think would make a great teacher.


Q: How much does the Summer Fellowship pay?

A: The individual programs pay differently, but, they also offer very different experiences and have unique student populations.  We’d much prefer that you think more about the type of experience that you’d like to have and write about that. 


Q: How many people will be accepted?

A: No more than 4 students per summer.


Q: What’s the next step?

A:Print out the application (see link ABOVE).  Fill it out and return it by March 1.  If you have any questions that this page has not answered get in touch with Dr. Fukawa-Connelly at