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Lana Ciali

Lana Ciali
University of New Hampshire

Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Barbara White, UNH Department of Occupational Therapy

A Qualitative Study of Stimulant Medication Use and Misuse Among College Students: Exploring Motives For Misuse

Research has shown that some college students misuse stimulant medication.  Most of these studies have been survey type studies looking at percentage of student use.  This study uniquely interviews a subsample of students in order to explore the deeper reasons for why they misuse these prescription medications.  This qualitative study, using interviews of 4-10 students, will explore the deeper reasons why students engage in this activity.  Participants will be asked questions about perceived stress, coping ability and their motives and views for misusing stimulant medication.  Results from the interviews are expected to shed light on the reasons why students misuse stimulant medications.  This study is important because it will offer further understanding of a current phenomenon.  It may also be helpful in shaping preventative measures and interventions.

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