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  • Mark Wiley and Lara Gengarelly at conference
    Mark Wiley and Lara Gengarelly representing Science Literacy Team at STEM Educators Summit
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    Educators in workshop at the STEM Educators Summit

Registration is OPEN for the
2017 STEM Educators Summit!



2017 STEM Educators Summit
at the UNH School of Law in Concord, NH

Saturday, May 6, 2017
8:30am - 4:00pm

$25 Registration Fee

Keynote Speaker...Workshops led by UNH faculty/staff...Networking with STEM Ed professionals...
STEM Ed Resource Tables...and Raffle prizes!

 Keynote address by Dr. Christopher Dede, Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, Harvard University

"How Immersion in Virtual and Augmented Worlds Helps Students in the Real World"

Many people of different ages now participate in immersive virtual and augmented environments, from World of Warcraft to Pokemon Go. Mobile VR is now affordable and practical, adding full sensory immersion to this menu of possible interfaces. Their entertainment value is clear, but what are the strengths and limits of these and other immersive media for learning and assessment? What are the opportunities and challenges involved in incorporating these into teaching?

Co-Sponsored by the UNH STEM Teachers' Collaborative, the Joan and James Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education at UNH,
UNH Cooperative Extension, and the UNH Dept. of Education


Ruth Varner Faculty Excellence Award


The Joan and James Leitzel Center at UNH works to transform education in mathematics, science, and engineering in elementary and secondary schools, and in non-formal settings through high quality research, carefully examined practice, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

We facilitate partnerships and initiate programs with the goal of developing educators' knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering concepts, along with human learning strategies—developing learners who experience the joy of discovery and the challenge of understanding; providing learning environments that support active engagement.

Leitzel Center venn diagram

Leitzel Center Strategies


Conducting research, reviewing practices, employing assessments, reflecting on outcomes for learning, professional development, curriculum development

Engagement and Outreach

Generating knowledge and enhancing communication among UNH education and research communities, pre-college educators and administrators


Fostering cross-disciplinary activities, cultivating relationships, exploring creative ideas, responding to local and national opportunities


A broad-based capacity for fund-raising and grantsmanship, creative marketing and communication, and careful assessment focused on sustaining the Center