Tableau at UNH

What is Tableau?

Tableau is data visualization software that lets you easily connect to data and use it to create interactive, sharable dashboards. The Enterprise Information Management (EIM) team began offering Tableau visualization services to the UNH community in Spring 2016.

UNH has two types of clients who use Tableau: those who develop data visualizations and those who interact with data visualizations that developers create.

What data can Tableau use?

Tableau can connect to key enterprise data or departmental data, from sources such as:

  • Content on servers, such as Oracle, MySQL, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft PowerPivot

  • Content from files, such as spreadsheets, text files, or MS Access files

Tableau Professional vs. Tableau Public


Tableau Professional edition

Tableau Public edition

Free for anyone to use No Yes*
File save options Tableau Server, Tableau Public server,
or locally
Tableau Public server
Data source options Wide variety of server and file types

Excel, text or Access files                 

Who can access  output Only those granted access Anyone with internet access
Has an installed Desktop tool Yes Yes

*For academic use, we encourage you to visit the Tableau website to learn more about free licenses for instructors and students.

Any UNH clients who use data that cannot be made completely public and/or need a secure way to share visualizations can use Tableau Desktop Professional edition along with UNH's Tableau Server.  Tableau Server securely distributes workbooks, which others in the UNH community can access with a web browser or mobile device.  It allows developers to edit worksheets & dashboards, and to schedule automated data refreshes and get data subscriptions.

How can I learn more?

To discuss using Tableau at UNH, contact EIM using our webform.  We will respond to discuss your needs.

If you have already been in touch with EIM and have been approved to set up an account, please visit the UNH Accounts Request Page (you can use these instructions to guide you through the process there).

Try the UNH Alumni Map by UNH Advancement using Tableau Public

Page last updated: June 16, 2016