Executive Committee & Senators

AY2014/15 GSS Executive Committee

President: Mike Verney

Mike is a PhD candidate in the History department, focusing on early American history. As President of the GSS, Mike sits on the Graduate Council and presides over all GSS meetings. He previously served two terms as a COLA Senator and chaired the GSS Political Research Project in 2012

email: mro378@wildcats.unh.edu


Vice President: Mica Kurtz

Mica is a PhD candidate in the Economics Department. As Vice President, he chairs our GSS Governance Committee and serves on the Health Insurance Advisory Committee. He previously served a term as the Paul Senator and Community Service Coordinator.

email: mde36@wildcats.unh.edu

Clerk: Kelly Nifong

Kelly is a Masters student in the Ocean Mapping program.  She serves on the Governance Committee and the Healthy UNH Committee. As Clerk Kelly is responsible for meeting minutes, managing the GSS email list, and mantaining the website.

email: knifong@ccom.unh.edu


Treasurer: Madhav Baral

Madhav is a Masters student in the Mechanical Engineering Department. He previously served a term as GSS Programs Coordinator. As Treasurer, he chairs the GSS's Financial Affairs Committee and Central Budget Committee.

email: mb13@wildcats.unh.edu

External Affairs Officer: Tobi Afolayan

Tobi is a Masters student in both the Political Science and Community Development Policy and Practice programs. As External Affairs Officer, Tobi represents UNH graduate students on the USNH Board of Trustees, the University System Student Board, and the UNH Alumni Association Board of Directors. He also acts as liaison with the UNH Undergraduate Student Senate.

email: tez4@wildcats.unh.edu


Programs Coordinator: Tim Roemer

Tim is a Masters student in the Mechanical Engineering Department. As Programs Coordinator, he chairs the Programming Committee, which is responsible for creating and organizing social and community service events for UNH graduate students.

email: tjh42@unh.edu

AY2014/15 GSS Senators 






Babcock Hall




Graduate students living in Babcock Hall

College of Engineering & Physical Sciences (CEPS)

Ian Cohen


Physics (PhD)

CEPS graduate students in Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Materials Science, and Physics


Alireza Ebadi


Mechanical Engineering (PhD)

CEPS graduate students in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Systems Engineering

College of Liberal Arts (COLA)

Amanda Demmer


History (PhD)

COLA graduate students in Education, History, and Spanish


Kassie Sarr-Dietershagen


English Literature (MA)

COLA graduate students in English, Political Science/Public Administration, and The Arts


Ezra Temko


Sociology (PhD)

Sociology and Psychology


Patrick LaCroix


History (PhD)


College of Life Sciences & Agriculture (COLSA)

Morgan Crowley


Natural Resources (MS)

COLSA graduate students (Animal & Nutritional Sciences (PhD), Animal Sciences (MS), Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Natural Resources, Nutrional Science, Plant Biology, Resource Administration, and Zoology

College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)

Myles Lynch


Recreation Management & Policy (MS)

CHHS graduate students (Communincation Sciences & Disorders, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Family Studies, Health Management/Public Policy, Kinesiology, and Recreation Management & Policy


Felicia Fowler


Recreation Management & Policy (MS)


Forest Park Housing Units

Amanda Sobel


Zoology (PhD)

Graduate students living in the Forest Park housing units

Graduate School

Matt Smith


Natural Resources & Earth Systems Sciences (PhD)

Graduate students in programs housed under the Graduate School (College Teaching, Community Developmental Policy & Practice, Environmental Education, Geospatial, and Natural Resources & Earth Systems Sciences 

Paul College of Business and Economics

Stanley Quartey


Economics (MA/PhD)

Accouting, Economics, and MBA

UNH Manchester




All UNH-Manchester graduate students


Wali Raja


J.D., MBA & LL.M.

Graduate students in UNH School of Law