Global Faces

  • photo of Katie Edwards (l.) at Nairobi National Park  with Eva,  now one of the leaders in Ujamaa Africa

    Prof. Katie Edwards in S. Africa and Kenya

    South Africa
  • photo of Eden Suoth '18 in front of whiteboard with mathematical calculations

    Eden Suoth '18: Scholar, Leader, Volunteer

  • Sarah Jakositz '18 doing field research

    Sarah Jakositz '18, STEMbassador

    New Zealand
  • Margo Clark  petting an elephant in Thailand

    Margo Clark's Thailand blog

  • Rebecca Philibert '19 in Belize

    Rebecca Philibert '19 in Belize

  • Stephen Taylor '18 with young friends in the Dominican Republic

    Stephen Taylor '18 in the Dominican Republic

    Dominican Republic
  • UNH student Megan (Maggie) Savoie ’17 in Cuba

    "Trip of a Lifetime" to Cuba


    Maggie studied the island’s history, culture, marine life and coastal ecology.

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  • Prof. Robert Henry with Girls Winter Camp students

    Stimulating young minds in South Africa in STEM topics

    South Africa

    Director of several UNH STEM based camps returns to South Africa to help organize and participate in Girls Winter Camp

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  • photo of Prof. Melissa Wells in the old town/Gamla Stan in Eksjö

    Prof. Melissa Wells---Social Work in Sweden