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Monday, September 15, 2014

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Welcome to the Home Page for the Faculty Senate at the University of New Hampshire (UNH)! We are an elected body of faculty representatives from each academic department at UNH. The Faculty Senate is the legislative body that reviews and develops policies concerned with the academic mission of the University.

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What's News?


Beginning with the first senate meeting on September 8, 2014, the UNH Faculty Senate will hold its meetings in Kingsbury Hall, S145.  This marks a change from the senate's prior meeting place in DeMeritt 240.  The meeting time, as usual, will be from 3:10-5:00 p.m..




Alberto B. Manalo is an associate professor of Environmental and Resource Economics in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment.  He earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University and B.S. in Agribusiness from the University of the Philippines Los Banos.  He teaches courses in introductory environmental and resource economics, economics of travel and tourism, and agricultural and food policy and has taught courses in marketing of agricultural and natural resource products, statistical methods and applications, and approach to research. His current research interest is in the area of local agriculture.  He served for five years as chair of the Department of Resource Economics and Development and five years as Associate Dean for Academic Programs of the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.  He has also served as chair of the President’s Commission on the Status of People of Color.  He joined the senate in 2011.  He is also currently a member of UCAPC and the senate’s ad-hoc Teaching Evaluation Form Implementation Committee.  He has also served on many other university and COLSA committees.


Deborah A. Kinghorn (Deb) has worked as a professional actress and director and teaches acting, movement and voice courses for the Department of Theatre and Dance.  She holds degrees from SUNY at Fredonia (BA, Theatre) and Trinity University through the Dallas Theatre Center (MFA, Theatre, with emphasis in Acting).  She is a Master Teacher of Lessac Kinesensic Voice and Body Training and currently serves on the Master Teacher Council of the Lessac Training and Research Institute, where she regularly teaches and conducts research at the Lessac Summer Intensive Workshop.  She received the University of Houston Teaching Excellence Award in 1995, and the Lessac Institute Leadership Award in 2009, and the UNH Teaching Excellence Award for 2011-12, and was a Fulbright Scholar in the Acting, Media and Culture Post-Masters Program at the University of Rijeka in Croatia.  She is co-author of the new book, “Essential Lessac: Honoring the Familiar in Body, Mind, Spirit”, recently published by RJM Donald Publishers, Inc.  Her current research involves the Kinesensic training and its connections to the subtle energies of the mind and body and its applications to health and wellness.


James J. Connell received his Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis.  From graduate school he went to the Enrico Fermi Institute at the University of Chicago as academic research staff.  His main work involved the High Energy Telescope (HET) on the Ulysses deep-space mission.  In 2002 he moved to the University of New Hampshire as an Associate Professor with a joint appointment in the Department of Physics and the Space Science Center.  Since coming to UNH, Professor Connell has taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate physics courses.  He developed and taught an interdisciplinary Inquiry Course, PHYS-444, "Myths and Misconceptions about Nuclear Science," which addresses nuclear physics, technology, policy and society.  This course was in the first group of 444 courses taught.  At UNH, Dr. Connell has continued his research on high-energy space radiation.  He developed a new technique known as ADIS (Angle Detecting Inclined Sensors) which is the basis of the Energetic Heavy Ion Sensor (EHIS) for the GOES-R series of weather satellites (first launch expected in 2015).  He is also developing a new positron (antimatter electron) telescope concept known as PICAP.  Professor Connell has served on a range of departmental and university committees and became a faculty senator in 2011.  He has served two terms on the Agenda Committee and acted as Parliamentarian for the 2013-2014 Faculty Senate.  

Kerry Kazura, Ph.D., is an associate professor and chair in the Family Studies Deparment at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). She is a two-time awardee of the Rand-Stearns Professorship. Dr. Kazura's research interests focus on at-risk families due to incarceration, parent-child attachment relationships, and children's social development with an emphasis on conflict resolution, empathy, and peer relationships. Dr. Kazura co-created The Family Connection Center in 1998, housed in each of the New Hampshire prison facilities. The Center provides a wide range of family support programs for prisoners and their families. Dr. Kazura has been responsible for training staff, evaluating program effectiveness, examining the differential effects of maternal and paternal incarceration on children's socio-emotional development, and collecting descriptive information about families with incarcerated members.

Pei-Jou Kuo is an assistant professor in the Department of Hospitality Management at Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. She received her Ph.D. in Hospitality Management from the Pennsylvania State University. She has a M.S. in Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Administration from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a B.B.A. in International Business from National Taiwan University. She currently teaches three courses at UNH, including Hospitality Marketing Management, Lodging Operations Management, and International Food & Culture. Her main research interests include consumer behavior, customization, differentiation strategies and servicescape. Her work has been accepted to publish in several hospitality and marketing journals. She is the faculty advisor of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Organization and has been a member of the Paul College scholarship committee since 2012. She joined the faculty senate in 2012 and is currently a member of the Research and Public Service Committee. 


FACULTY SENATE PAST CHAIR (as per the Faculty Senate Constitution)

Todd A. DeMitchell is Professor in the Education Department and the Justice Studies Program. His research focuses on the legal mechanisms that impact schools and colleges.  He has authored/co-authored five books (his sixth book will be published in August of 2014) on legal topics of schools and labor relations. He has over 160 publications in law reviews, peer reviewed journals, and professional journals and has also authored book chapters, book reviews and case commentaries. He is a former elementary school teacher, principal, director of personnel and labor relations, and superintendent.  Professor DeMitchell did his graduate work at the following institutions:  M.A.T (history) at the University of La Verne; M.A. (Philosophy of Education) at the University of California, Davis; Ed.D. (organization and control) at the University of Southern California; and post-doctorate (school law and policy) at Harvard University.

  • FACULTY INPUT SOUGHT REGARDING DRAFT POLICY AND PROCEDURES ON MINORS  (Click here for links to policy and procedure drafts)

    Senators and Faculty,                                                                                                                                                                                                                      March 6, 2014


    The Faculty Senate has posted drafts of the policy and procedures on minors that the university has been working on over the last couple of months. We seek your comments, questions, and/or suggestions. Please send them to the Faculty Senate representatives or to the Faculty Senate chair.


    Faculty Representative & Senator: Subhash Minocha <subhash.minocha@unh.edu>

    Faculty Representative: Raina Ames <raina.ames@unh.edu>

    Chair, Faculty Senate: Todd A. DeMitchell <todd.demitchell@unh.edu>


    Please share this announcement with faculty members in your department, program, or division. We seek feedback from all  tenure-track, lecturers, clinical, research, and extension faculty.


    Thank you for participation.


    Agenda Committee

    Faculty Senate

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